I find Gawker vile and generally don’t read them, but I saw this story – “I Had a One Night Stand With Christine O’Donnell” listed at Memeorandum and wanted to respond.

Where’s the proof?  Are they ready to provide any verification?  Accusations like this not only hurts political careers, but they destroy lives so are they ready to back themselves up?  The timing of this makes it even less credible.  It seems like a pre-election hack job written by somebody with the maturity level of a 13-year-old.

You know you have a crap story on your hands when even the left thinks its awful (not to mention not credible).  Even though it is hard for public figures to sue for libel, I hope she does.  They deserve to lose a ton of money over this.

Update: Michelle Malkin lists Gawker’s history of having, ahem, problems with the truth.

Also O’Donnell’s campaign responds:

“This story is just another example of the sexism and slander that female candidates are forced to deal with. From Secretary Clinton, to Governor Palin, to soon-to-be Governor Haley, Christine’s political opponents have been willing to engage in appalling and baseless attacks — all with the aim of distracting the press from covering the real issues in this race. Even the National Organization for Women gets it, but Christine’s opponent disturbingly does not. As Chris Coons said on September 16th he would not condone personal attacks against Christine. Classless Coons goons have proven yet again to have no sense of common decency or common sense with their desperate attacks to get another rubber stamp for the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda. Such attacks are truly shameful, but they will not distract us from making our case to Delaware voters — and keeping the focus on Chris Coons’ record of higher taxes, increased spending, and as he has done again here, breaking his promises to the voters.”

The National Organization for Women (NOW) on Thursday condemned the tabloid website Gawker for publishing an anonymous account: NOW issued a statement late Thursday stating that “sexist, misogynist attacks against women have no place in the electoral process, regardless of a particular candidate’s political ideology.”

“NOW repudiates Gawker’s decision to run this piece. It operates as public sexual harassment. And like all sexual harassment, it targets not only O’Donnell, but all women contemplating stepping into the public sphere,” said NOW president Terry O’Neill.

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