They obviously fund those who side with their issue.  The SOS Project has been pushing for Secretary of State candidates who don’t require a voter ID.  One of their criteria for endorsements is that they oppose a voter ID law:

Efforts to suppress the vote through onerous requirements, such as unconstitutional photo ID laws, must be opposed.

Having a photo ID is onerous?  If a police officer asks you for a photo ID you are legally required to produce it.  Anyone can go to their DOT and get a photo ID that isn’t a driver’s license.  If they required a driver’s license I could see their point, but that isn’t the case.  They just want a photo ID so those who vote, especially those who are registering to vote, are in fact who they say they are.

Secretary of State Mauro has denied receiving funding from this group, and apparently right after that interview the checks from the SOS group rolled in, and we are not talking small donations either:

  • 10/16/2010 $10,000 from "SOS Project-The Michigan Campaign, Michigan Account – 1600 S Battery St. Apt B, Little Rock, Arkansas 72202"
  • 10/22/2010 $15,000 from "SOS Project-The Michigan Campaign, Michigan Account – 1600 S Battery St. Apt B, Little Rock, Arkansas 72202"

Oh but never mind that, he’s in favor of a photo ID… just ignore those two donations.

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