Fagan & Limbaugh
Fagan & Limbaugh, Separated at Birth?

“I support him in this fight because this D.C. Beltway thuggery, as exemplified by Lisa Murkowski’s latest threat, is ruining our country”

That is Governor Sarah Palin, from her Facebook page, boldly defending a talk show host who has often spoken against her in the past.  What is going on?

First, Senator Murkowski has tried to muddy up the Alaska US Senate race by getting the courts to force the disclosure of the names of “write-in” candidates to the voters when they get to the polls (What kind of silly notion requires that write-in candidates register in the first place!)

Now, when radio talker Dan Fagan did a little stirring up himself of the process by encouraging listeners to get on the ballot too (about a hundred did so, none named Lisa Murkalski I am afraid), Murkowski threatened to bring down the powers of the FEC and FCC on Fagan.  Fagan is an afternoon talk show host on KFQD (and looks eerily like a young Rush Limbaugh!).  The station, under threat of lawsuit, apparently pulled Fagan off the air, at least until after the election on Tuesday, November 2nd.

Several prominent politicians were at a rally in Anchorage, Alaska, this week to aid Joe Miller, the Republican candidate who won the GOP primary against Murkowski.  Speakers included Mike Huckabee, Jim Demint, and Michele Bachmann, as well as Palin.

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  1. Palin can’t understand that other people have ethics and just do not always set back and do as she bids? She loves to call people names- go get her Lisa!

      1. No one is against free speech. But when you use that speech to threaten, muddy up the waters for an election that is already nuts, or to call for overthrow of the elected government, something has to be done. The FCC got all up in arms about Janet Jackson’s boob, but lets Fox give money to political parties, lie daily, and encourage their viewers to distrust anything submitted by this President. He has done good things, including STOPPING planned terror attacks, but you won’t see that on Fox (or hear it on this radio station.) I have mixed feelings about the fairness doctrine, but I somehow think it would be a good thing to act like journalists and present both sides to people. They might just learn something.

      2. As far as I can tell, all the reporter did was use his free speech to encourage others to put their names on the ballot. That is a a violation of FCC rules? It is Murkowsky who muddied the waters by asking the courts to intervene where they have had before: asking polling places to plug candidates. If Murkowski wanted a regular spot on the ballot she could have earned it the hard way – winning the primay.

        So you would require Fox to give some kind of balance, but the networks can go on like they have for 50 years spouting the liberal talking points? No, I prefer freedom, not a government controlled press like NPR.

        “No one is against free speech”

        Try SusanMG right below.

  2. Thuggery? How many times has Palin threatened people, including the President? This woman needs to be sent a clear message on Tuesday…we don’t like you, we don’t like what you’re doing to the political discourse in our country, and we refuse to vote for any of your chosen ones, who think as you do. Go home and raise your kids…they need their mother more than we need your opinions and lies.

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