A new book entitled For The Fame of God’s Name  has a compilation of essays in honor of John Piper’s ministry and teaching from Crossway Books.  In it Ray Ortlund wrote an essay entitled “The Pastor as Worshiper”.   The 9 Marks Blog posted the conclusion of his essay, and I wanted to share it with you.  So please read and take to heart if you are in church leadership, in particular, a pastor.  If not please pass this along to your pastor – this is an excellent exhortation.

Finally, I want to challenge you pastors of the next generation, you stallions for Christ in your twenties and thirties who are reading this essay. You have read Dr. Piper’s books. You have heard him preach. You have watched him on YouTube. But realize this. He and his entire generation will soon be gone and forgotten. The stalwarts of my dad’s generation are already fading quickly from view. So will Dr. Piper and I and all of us in our generation. And before you feel entirely prepared for it, the cause of the gospel will fall upon you. The baton will be placed in your hand, to run the race through the next generation. You must settle the matter of your worship right now.

So here are the questions that demand a clear answer in every generation of pastors. I ask you in the name of Jesus Christ and for his sake:

Have you surrendered your life completely to your Lord and Savior, with no preconditions?

Are you a living sacrifice?

Or is your ministry really about you?

Have you humbled yourself to the point that, for the sake of Christ, you count others more significant than yourself?

Are you happy to be poured out as a drink offering upon the sacrificial offering of the
church’s faith?

Or do you proudly scorn the church as beneath you?

Do you consider her unworthy of your best?

There is only one entry point into the ageless community of worship and joy: following Jesus in his humility and suffering. That community will be built up in your generation.

Here is the only question. Will you answer his call to enter in? And will you decide right now?

Questions all pastors, but especially young ones need to consider.  There is also a number of questions all believers should consider.

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