I thought I’d share how I’m voting on my ballot today… if you’ve followed this blog long enough you likely already know… so if you haven’t made up your mind (and it amazes me how some people can still be undecided still) I hope this helps:

imageElected Offices:

  • Governor/Lt. Governor:  Terry Branstad/Kim Reynolds 
  • U.S. Senate: Chuck Grassley 
  • Iowa 3rd Congressional District: Brad Zaun (I encourage you to vote Steve King in the 5th District, Tom Latham in the 4th, Marianette Miller-Meeks in the 2nd, and Ben Lange in the 1st)
  • Attorney General: Brenna Findley
  • Secretary of State: Matt Schultz 
  • State Treasurer: Dave Jamison 
  • State Auditor: Dave Vaudt
  • Secretary of Agriculture: Bill Northey
  • House District 67: Jeremy Walters
  • If I lived in the following House Districts this is how I would vote (this isn’t exhaustive, but some races I would like to mention) – House District 1: Jeremy Taylor, House District 2: Cate Bryan, House District 8: Tom Shaw, House District 10: Dave Deyoe, House District 20: Walt Rogers, House District 30: Dustin Krutsinger, House District 37: Renee Schulte, House District 42: Kim Pearson, House District 43: Jane Jech, House District 44: Annette Sweeney, House District 46: Chad Steenhoek (I think Tyler Pauly would be good as well, but I’m afraid he splits the vote), House District 59: Chris Hagenow, House District 60: Peter Cownie, House District 68: Dave Dicks, House District 74: Glen Massie, House District 75: Guy Vander Linden, House District 76: Betty DeBoef, and House District 84: Ross Paustian.
  • I don’t’ vote on State Senator this year, but I commend the following in other districts to you (again, not exhaustive): Senate District 5: Rob Bacon, Senate District 15: Christopher Peters, Senate District 37: Kent Sorenson, Senate District 41: Roby Smith, and Senate District 47: Mark Chelgren.
  • Polk County Supervisor 3: Dave Funk 
  • Polk County Treasurer: Mike Adams
  • Polk County Recorder: Eric Zingler
  • Polk County Attorney: John Sarcone – he’s the Democrat incumbent who is running unopposed, I frankly don’t have a reason to vote on a write-in, so he’ll get my token vote.  If somebody has any feedback here I’d love to hear it.

Nonpartisan Offices:

  • County Public Hospital Trustee: Don’t vote for Max Krause and Janet Metcalf as I’ve been told by a reliable source (my wife) that they both support Planned Parenthood.
  • The rest: your guess is as good as mine.

Judges (shall the following judges be retained in office?):

If you vote NO on nobody else at least vote no on Streit, Ternus and Baker.  If you live in Polk County on Hans0n as well.

Supreme Court:

Definitely all three of these individuals need to go.

  • Michael J. Streit – NO
  • Marsha Ternus – NO
  • David L. Baker – NO

Court of Appeals:

The Iowa Court of Appeals refused to review the case involving a minor who danced in a strip club.  Color me unimpressed.  By the way if you live in Fremont County and Timothy O’Grady is up for retention vote no on him as well.  This is just one example off the top of my head, but I by and large believe these folks need term limits.

  • Rick Doyle – NO
  • Ed Mansfield – NO
  • Amanda Potterfield – NO
  • Gayle Vogel – NO
  • David R. Danilson – NO

District Court:

  • Robert B. Hanson – NO (he was the original judge with Varnum v. Brien, if don’t vote no on any other district court judge at least vote no on him.)
  • Robert A. Hutchinson – NO
  • Don Carlos Nickerson – YES – I know Judge Nickerson personally, and while I don’t know all of his positions I consider him to be a man of integrity.
  • Joel D. Novak – NO
  • Glenn E. Pille – NO
  • Karen A. Romano – NO
  • Scott Rosenberg – NO
  • Carla T. Schemmel – NO

Associate Judge:

  • James D. Birkenholz – YES – judges at this level I typically don’t impact policy and deal mostly with criminal justice.
  • Odell McGhee – YES – I’ve been in his courtroom before when he helped out with juvenile cases, he’s pretty good.
  • Cynthia M. Moisan – YES

Associate Juvenile:

  • Constance Cohen – YES – I have quite a bit of experience with her and she has been an excellent juvenile court judge.

Associate Probate:

  • Ruth B. Klotz – YES

Constitutional Questions:

Question 1: Water and Land Legacy Amendment

Summary: Adopts Iowa’s Water and Land Legacy Amendment which creates a dedicated trust fund for the purposes of protecting and enhancing water quality and natural areas in the State including parks, trails, and fish and wildlife habitat, and conserving agricultural soils in this State.

I’m voting NO to this, not because I think the purpose is unworthy I just don’t believe we should be adding spending measures to our Constitution.  I also believe this would require an eventual increase to our sales tax.  So my input is find a different way to get this done.

Question 2: Constitutional Convention

Shall there be a convention to revise the Constitution, and propose amendment or amendments to same?

I’m voting YES on this.  I see it as the best way to achieve a marriage amendment for Iowa at this point.  It would be at least four years going the traditional route.  Also there are other amendments like a spending limit amendment, nix the Missouri plan for judicial nominations and go with the federal plan, among others.  The primary goal should be a marriage amendment though.  I trust the voters of Iowa to address these issues, and each amendment or proposed change would have to individually be voted upon.  I don’t see us passing a liberal agenda out of Convention.  I just believe the pros definitely outweigh the cons.  If the Democrats retain control of the Iowa Senate there is no way we’ll get a vote on a marriage amendment as Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal has made it clear he won’t allow a vote.

Public Measures:

Public Measure A: Prairie Meadows

Summary: The continued operation of gambling games at Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Polk County is approved.

Out of principle I will always vote NO on measures such as these.  I vehemently disagree with gambling.  I will always be against its expansion and I think the social ills outweigh any suggested public benefit.  I see it as a blight on eastern Polk County.

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