imageThere ideally shouldn’t be one.  In 2006 when Republican lost control of the House and Senate they had a light agenda (and they shouldn’t have met either).  Back on October 21, Reid referred to this upcoming lameduck session as a “goose on steroids.”  Wonderful.

First, it’s likely that there will be an attempt at a repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”  This will likely be the last chance for Clinton-era policy to be repealed legislatively.  But to those who despair that this may not happen, never fear, the robed tyrants will likely get the job done for you.  Anyway, something to watch and to waste my time calling Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) and Congressman Leonard Boswell (D-IA).  I’ve already stated before that my opposition to its repeal has mainly to do with logistical and morale concerns that I don’t think have been adequately addressed.

Second, also look for Senator Reid to bring forth the DREAM act in this lame duck session because it will be DOA come January.  The DREAM act is essentially a illegal-alien student bailout.

I also wouldn’t be surprised to see the Cap and Tax bill rear its ugly head during this session.

CNN also reported several money issues that will likely be taken up.  FreedomWorks responded to each of those:

1. Extending Bush-Era Tax Cuts For Select Few

What we say: If Congress fails to extend the Bush-era tax cuts to everyone, the nation will suffer by reducing employment and output while increasing the budget deficit.

2. Reinstating the Death Tax

What we say: The estate or death tax should be repealed since it wrongly hurts small businesses and farms while punishing investment in capital.

3. Extending Unemployment Insurance

What we say: As a result of excessive unemployment benefits, people may not be as proactive about searching for jobs or may become pickier on which they jobs they accept. Increasing unemployment insurance extension during a Lame Duck Session will add to billions to the national debt while not creating net new jobs.

4. Extend the Alternative Minimum Tax

What we say: The Alternative Minimum Tax is an extra tax that some people pay on top of the regular income tax that should be entirely repealed. Especially during a recession, it is harmful that 28 million Americans (up from 4 million last year) will be hit with this tax.

5. Passing a Costly 2011 Budget

What we say: For the first time since 1974, Congress has failed to pass a budget. Actually passing a budget should be the main priority once all the new lawmakers are sworn in.

I would say the only two things I want done in a lame duck session is to stop the upcoming Pelosi/Reid/Obama tax hike, but extending the Bush-era tax hikes for everybody and then repeal the death tax.  If members of Congress and the Senate are unwilling to do that – stay home.

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