Iowa Leaders Join IFPC ACTION in Announcing Future for Pro-Family Movement in the State

Pleasant Hill, IA – November 21st, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee will keynote Iowa Family Policy Center ACTION’s fall event “Celebrate the Family.”   Beginning at 3:00, First Federated Church in Des Moines (4801 Franklin Ave.) will be filled with pro-family leaders, pastors, and supporters from across Iowa to celebrate the family and announce future plans to help lead Iowa in honoring families.  Bob Vander Plaats, Chuck Hurley, and Steve Deace will be among those casting a vision to further mobilize pro-family Iowans.

“It is such a privilege to host Governor Huckabee and learn from his experience defending the family,” said IFPC Action President Chuck Hurley.  “Governor Huckabee’s visit is particularly exciting as we build on the momentum gained by Iowans’ strong stand for marriage during the election.”

“I am thrilled to join with IFPC ACTION in announcing a renewed vision and fresh approach toward engaging Iowans to strengthen families,” said Bob Vander Plaats, President of MVP Leadership and Chairman of Iowans for Freedom.

"Following the results on Election Day, which signified that the people of Iowa are waking up, I am anxious to see what the next step is in reestablishing our constitutional republic,” said Author and WHO Radio Talk Show Host Steve Deace.  “What is needed now is an organization that mobilizes those that are waking up into an effective force for righteousness."

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