Congressman Ron Paul said enough is enough and has introduced the American Traveler Dignity Act.  You can watch his comments on the floor of the House below:

Also related, Ed Stetzer wrote an excellent piece giving four reasons why we should resist the new TSA security procedures and how we can do so.  I especially like his first point – simply it is wrong:

Yes, I will say it that bluntly. It is wrong to take naked pictures of people as a requirement for them to travel across a free country. And, it is wrong to grope their genitals as a requirement of travel.

Now, honestly, I don’t care if they want to look at my lumpy physique all day. In one sense, you would have to consider that a painful sacrifice on the TSA agent’s part.

But, I have a wife and three daughters. I teach my children that only their parents or their doctor should see or touch certain places on their bodies. And, I do not think I should add, "Oh, and strangers in the airport."

The TSA has already backed down on groping children under 12. (This video is an example of why this change was made.) But, does that mean that at 13 it is OK for a man alone behind a screen to see naked pictures of my daughter. And, let’s not forget how graphic these pictures are. (You can see that many places on the web so I won’t link that here– they are too graphic.)

But, you say, "it is a stranger and you do not see that person." Well, I do not want strangers to see my wife naked. Simply put, that is unacceptable.

I appreciate Congressman Paul leading the charge on this.  Be sure to contact your member of Congress to ask them to cosponsor the American Traveler Dignity Act.

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  1. Ron Paul couldn’t be more right. It’s disgusting what the TSA does, and it’s shameful that we allow it.
    I had a bag they virtually tore apart. I came back duct taped up. Apparently they don’t have any cameras
    on the people that go through or bags. This is increase security? It is ridiculous and the sooner they stop it the better.
    James Davidson

  2. ron you’re so wrong and your are nothing but a crybaby like the others, I used your name as a person that would help the people of the usa, but now forget it. what your’re doing is weaking the nation and a real kill will come from outside of our nation. get real and I will make sure you will not get back into office.

  3. Now that a Republican isn’t in the White House, conservatives can *finally* rail against the infringement of rights previously justified under the guise of a ‘war on terror’ . The monolith is cracking.

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