Ever experience a crisis when one could honestly say that God’s peace was radically evident in the midst of the situation, or when one could sense God saying, “Well done”?

A while ago, I heard that voice and floated on God’s surpassing peace, as my car chugged and came to a stop in the middle of the freeway. ¬†No panic ensued, just a matter of fact, step by step, decision to call on God, and then call my husband, and wait. ¬†Worry would have only made the situation tense. ¬†I wanted so badly to be home, but God decided to let my faith be strengthened and show me His peace on the median of the 215 freeway.

Do not worry about something that may happen tomorrow, an hour from now or next year: worry is a sin. Do not use the crutch: “I’m a worrier by nature”. ¬†No, we are a sinners by nature, who choose to hang onto the crutch, instead of God’s hand.

Do not be discontent, but count on God to provide for one’s¬†needs as they arise. We do not have a right to demand that God meets our needs, let alone that He fulfills our wants; and yet God ¬†loves the world so much, that He sent Jesus to meet our greatest need and He promises that “all these things will be added to us”, when we seek first His kingdom and righteousness.

What person adds a day to his life by worrying? ¬† No one! ¬†Medically speaking worry causes health problems and a shorter life span. Worry creates a lack of peace with God because it breaks one’s fellowship with Him, due to the fact that worry is a sin. ¬†Nothing good can come from worry and yet we cling to it like a life preserver.

I was given a choice on that day: trust in the Lord or worry. I chose to trust and I received¬†God’s peace that was louder than the freeway¬†noise. ¬†Each of us will face worrisome situations and we must stand firm against it; today, choose to “Throw down the crutch and clutch God’s hand.”

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