imageBy Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN)

The Wikileaks debacle is the latest proof that Eric Holder has no understanding of the dangerous times we live in. His ineptness, as head of the Department of Justice, is putting our nation in a vulnerable position.

Earlier this week, the Wikileaks website jeopardized our nation’s security and diplomacy by releasing hundreds of thousands of U.S. State Department documents. The same site put our troops at risk when it released thousands of classified U.S. military documents in July. As far back as March, the Pentagon declared Wikileaks to be a threat to national security. Meanwhile, the Attorney General, our nation’s chief law enforcement officer, has been busy cracking down on dozens of websites that sold things like counterfeit purses. Eric Holder simply has the wrong priorities.

During his tenure as Attorney General, Holder short-circuited the interrogation of the underwear bomber by ordering that the terror suspect be given Miranda rights within the first hour of questioning. Holder’s use of civilian trials for terror suspects proved to be a failure last month when a civilian jury acquitted a man on 284 of 285 counts. This was after a judge refused to allow the testimony of a key prosecution witness, even though our military had captured the suspect after a gunfight in Pakistan and linked him to deadly bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa.

Eric Holder has also had a slew of lesser problems, like his outspoken criticism of Arizona’s immigration law before he had even read the law, his dropping of charges in the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case, and his failure to investigate fraud allegations and the misuse of taxpayer dollars in the recent Pigford claims settlement.

The time has come for Eric Holder to step down as Attorney General of the United States. As a member of Congress and a mother of five children, I am concerned about the very real threats facing our country. We need a chief law enforcement officer who understands those dangers and knows how to respond.

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  1. She is neglecting to mention that the reason that evidence was disallowed in court was due to the use of torture. Under Common Law, torture evidence has not been admissable since the 17th Century. Just how old is she that that fact escaped her?
    Also, the Justice Department can do more than one thing at once; the problem with Wiki Leaks is that the process and players are outside fo our country, unless the honourable lady is suggesting that we invade other nations to shut the thing down.
    One cannot help but suspect that she would tie shutting wiki leaks down to disarmament; reducing our arsenal one warhead at a time in an attempt to get the individuals involved.

    1. My family was killed by the explosives that man sold. Trying him in a common court let him get off. Where’s the justice again?

  2. I read the context of “Wikileaks” and none for the most part (besides a few excpetions) a seasoned researcher would know the context of what is in “wikileaks”. Everything I read and have seen and heard from the media I already knew.

    I don’t think the “founder” of wikileaks has threatened anyone intrest, but to leave a few bruses on “egos”.

    As a person who would be affected.. I am not afraid from what is in those files.

    Personally it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other, because all it is it’s just “gossip” or hear-say.

    I strongly believe in the principle that we live in a free society, and information SHOULD be shared.. Our tramps.. Our defeats.. Our promises.. and our dreams..

    If you were in a business to say something that was off the radar, than most likely you shouldn’t have said it in the first place, and if you did say it: Be a man and live up to your word and work.

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