Over the weekend Public Policy Polling released its numbers for the 2012 presidential race from Michigan.  Obama still does very well there over possible Republican opponents. On the GOP primary side, Governor Mike Huckabee has caught up with Governor Mitt Romney with each getting 22% of the “vote”.  Sarah Palin finished third, but within the margin of error (+-4.9%).

 In 2007-2008, Huckabee spent little time in Michigan and finished third behind Governor Romney and Senator McCain.   This is the state where Romney promised bailouts before bailouts were even cool. He didn’t call it a bailout, of course.  It was federal dollars for research and a 500% increase: from $4B to 20 Billion Dollars.   No other Republican was for bailouts for the industry.  Romney was well before his time on the issue.  But he was campaigning in Michigan (January 14th, 2008) and desperate for a win after losses in Iowa and New Hampshire, so his later claim to be against bailouts rings hollow.

The results:

  • Mike Huckabee 22%
  • Mitt Romney 22%
  • Sarah Palin 18%
  • Newt Gingrich 15%
  • Ron Paul 10%
  • Tim Pawlenty 3%
  • Mitch Daniels 2%.

Here are the GOP primary results for Michigan in 2008:

  • Romney 39%
  • McCain 30%
  • Huckabee 16%
  • Paul 6%

HT: Huck’s Army

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