imageWe submitted our nominees to you, and you voted.  Boy did you vote – 3,247 of you to be exact compared to 127 votes last year (so just *few* more).  Obviously word got out beyond the regular readers of CT.  Just a note, Sodahead has not closed the question since it became featured, but I had said voting would close at 11:00p.

As of 11:11p I declare Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) the winner of our third annual Caffeinated Conservative Award with 45% of the vote.  Here are the final results (any votes that come in after 11:11p will not count):

  • Ron Paul – 1,457 (45%)
  • Sarah Palin – 1,084 (33%)
  • Mike Huckabee – 204 (6%)
  • Nikki Haley – 142 (4%)
  • Michele Bachman – 141 (4%)
  • Mike Pence – 75 (2%)
  • Rand Paul – 49 – (2%)
  • Paul Ryan – 33 (1%)
  • Marco Rubio – 31 (1%)
  • Bobby Jindal – 31 (1%)

For many who voted and commented Congressman Paul has been the champion for liberty and limited government.  His commitment to auditing and providing accountability to the Fed was cited quite often as well.  Congratulations to Congressman Paul and his supporters, I’ll be getting his certificate and Starbucks Card next week.  If anybody knows a better way to get his prize to him other than sending it to his Washington, D.C. office please contact me.

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  1. Woot!

    And congratulations to Governor Palin’s supporters as well. Between us, we pretty much wiped the field, didn’t we?

    Not sure of a better way to send the starbucks card, prior to CPAC, but I’m asking on the forums.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Funny. Hey David, your not from Indiana are you. Some guy there dropped 500 on Palin and 120 each on Haley and Bachmann. Luckily the race was not really in question once the word of the poll reached the Paul supporters. Hopefully drawing such a crowd to the site results in some more regular readers. Congrats to Paul and the spirited debate this poll created. It was fun.

      1. If you had a way to discount that obvious multi-voter in Indiana the results would be roughly:
        Paul: 58%
        Palin 24%
        Huck: 8%
        Pence: 3%
        R. Paul 2%
        Ryan: 1%
        Rubio: 1%
        Jindal: 1%
        Haley: 1%
        Bachmann: 1%

      2. May not have been one person, but one state really stood out, since it was so isolated, I assumed it was one guy from that state. I’m sure there were some people who may have cast a vote or two extra, but this really stood out as a bold move.

  2. Ya, Hackabuck is the “real” “true” “conservative’ I voted for him at least 3000 times. Let’s face it, he loves the state and gets more press then that Ron Paul guy. He’s a “real” American that Huckster. He’s got a nice hair cut too. He loves his version of “Liberty” as well. He’s a real Christian and loves the state. Man, my votes were wripped off. I would have voted for Pailin the “real” “true” Conservative”, but lets face it she has the most grasp on Foreign Policy and was a wonderful Govenor for a half a year. Boy I was I could quit my day job and give blow jobs all day long like “Sarah”

  3. Gratz to Dr. Paul.

    As an FYI Dr. Paul doesn’t accept gifts so the starbucks card would be better used for one of your employees.

    1. Thanks, But I dont’ drink coffee, but Hey! when is my paycheck coming this week?

      I do know one of our staff members likes coffee, Brian?

      1. Your the schlep that was giving the good doctor down the road the other day. You are a sad case. We are praying for you.

      1. Technically it’s not a gift, it’s a prize. Also how do you know this? Secondly, I looked into this when I started the award and a $15 Starbucks card wouldn’t violate ethics rules, especially since I’m not a lobbyist.

  4. No surprise here. People are waking up to the knowledge, wisdom and common sense of this magnificent man.

    He is the ONLY member of CONgress who works for We The People.

    He is the ONLY true conservative. Thank you Dr. Ron Paul.

  5. As the good Doctor does not accept gifts why not donate the equivalent amount to his website dedicated to liberty:

    Dr. Ron Paul 2010 say yes to Dr. No for the change we must have to save the Republic

  6. As the good Doctor does not accept gifts why not donate the equivalent amount to his website dedicated to liberty:

    Dr. Ron Paul 2010 say yes to Dr. No for the change we must have to save the Republic

  7. Liberty, Truth, Peace and Happiness to all in 2011!
    These polls are heartening, but mostly hoping Ron Paul finds victory over the Federal Reserve.

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