imageBy Danny Carroll

Newly elected State Senator Kent Sorenson will mount a battle for marriage in the Iowa Senate starting tomorrow morning at 7 AM.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal adjourned the Senate today until 7 AM Thursday morning.  It is very rare that the Senate goes into session that early in the morning. 

Gronstal is trying to change the Senate Rules to prevent Sorenson from bringing the Iowa Marriage Amendment (IMA) to the Senate Floor for debate.

Sorenson is preparing his plan as I am writing this email.  He intends to file numerous amendments and use any other tactic at his disposal to keep Gronstal from barring debate on marriage.

The rules of procedure are confusing to outsiders.  Many legislators welcome this confusion because it gives them cover when they go back home and try to explain their actions. 

However, we need to be very clear: a Senator’s vote on the rules tomorrow will be considered a vote on marriage.

Senators need to hear from their constituents that if they vote to change the Senate rules they are voting against marriage.  Call 515-281-3371.

Tell your Senator: “Don’t gut Rule 38; Respect ‘We the People’  and let us vote on marriage!”

Don’t let them confuse the issue, they know exactly what they are doing and why.  Gronstal has no power unless it has been given to him by the other 25 Democrat Senators.  If they change the rules and prevent marriage from being debated, they are as guilty as Gronstal. 

Danny Carroll is Chairman of The FAMiLY Leader

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