MicheleBachmannCongresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) was in Des Moines, IA yesterday and wrapped up her busy day that got off to a somewhat rocky start with a speech at a reception hosted by Iowans for Tax Relief that had approximately 190 people in attendance.  She noted that her trip to Des Moines has sparked a lot of speculation about 2012.  She said that she had an announcement to make for those of us in the audience.  She said, I’d like to announce, it’s really good to be home.”  So no announcement regarding her 2012 plans yet.

She reminded the audience of her Iowa roots (7 generations of her family lived in Iowa) and immigrant heritage and took an opportunity to introduce herself to likely caucus goers.  In discussing our immigrant heritage as a nation she said that our ancestors didn’t come her for “the promise of a federal handout.”  They came here instead “for the promise of America.”

She spoke at great length about American exceptionalism and her concern of an America that is facing decline.  She asked asked will ours be the last generation to hand off the torch of liberty.  She asked “will we remain an exceptional nation or will be become ordinary.  She noted, “an ordinary American is no America at all.  She warned of our increasing debt that right now our current debt is 60% of the GDP, and it will be at 90% come 2020.  She said that if we are going to get Obamacare repealed it must be done in 2012.  That we need to retake the Senate, and that we need a “strong, bold constitutionalist conservative” as President.

She noted that Iowa will be the first to decide.  She said she trusts Iowans with that vote.

You can watch the entire speech below:

She was also taking questions from the media after the event.  You can watch below:

She said that she will be part of the process in Iowa. Whether that be as a candidate or campaigning for someone else is the million dollar question.

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