I wanted to follow-up on comments I’ve seen on my own post about Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and what I’ve seen around the web.  If that were not bad enough then you have what CBS put forth today in the name of *good* journalism.  The Washington Post has to point out that Jared Lee Loughner purchased his gun legally (as if it would have been oh so much better if the victims were shot with an illegal firearm).  This wasn’t mentioned prominently, but was the teaser in the email notification they sent out.


Then many of the posts, comments and rants from the left are pointing out the target map that Sarah Palin had up on her website prior to the 2010 elections.


Vernum Serum pointed out… oops it looks like the Democratic Leadership Committee did something eerily similar.


Interesting.  They also has graphics from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee which evidently has now been taken down since this URL now just takes you to their blog’s main page.  Here’s is what you’ve missed.


Each target represents a “targeted Republican” like Congressman Thaddeus McCotter (R-MI) below:


Incase you couldn’t figure that out they also included a legend.

My point?  Both sides utilize this type of rhetoric, and every rationale person should understand that the only violence they want done to those targeted are at the polls – not literally.  Also political violence is a problem that knows no ideology.

Reading a transcript of one of the videos this guy made tells me this: he is absolutely certifiable, and being crazy isn’t an ideology.  So can we knock off the shameless politicizing of this horrible event?  This is one crisis that we can let go to waste.

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