State CapitolHere are some bills that I have been watching (or at least aware of) as a private citizen and through my role with American Principles Project.  I would like to  ask Iowans to contact their State Representative or State Senator about these bills.

Update: HF 153 – I didn’t have the file number for this bill, but it is the bill that State Representative Kim Pearson (R-Pleasant Hill) initiated that protects life from conception.  It references “the Sovereign State of Iowa” which is included, I’m sure, to assert Iowa’s 10th Amendment rights.  This bill also restricts judicial review by the Iowa Supreme Court.  Please contact your legislators and encourage them to vote in favor of this bill.

HF 5 – This is the late term abortion ban introduced in the House.  I’ve already blogged extensively about it.  I’m in favor of it.  The Senate version is SF 42, please contact your State Representatives and State Senators and ask them to support these bills.

HJR 3 – This is the Personhood Amendment.  While I have had a disagreement with some prolifers over their lack of support for HF 5 – I wholeheartedly support this bill and ask you to contact your legislators on it.

HJR 6 – This is the joint resolution to propose an amendment defining marriage to be between one man and one woman.  There will be a public hearing this Monday, January 31st in the Iowa House Chamber at 6:30p – 8:45p.  There are over 80 people signed up to testify.  God willing, I plan on being there.

SF 38 – This bill would prohibit the use of federal health care funds for abortions in the State of Iowa.  I am wholeheartedly in favor of this bill.  Abortions should never be provided at taxpayer expense.

SF 39 – This is the “Women’s Right to Know Act” making it a requiring that women give voluntary and informed consent before an abortion is performed.  This should be common sense unless you are AFSCME Iowa Council 61 (why are they registered on this bill?), Family Planning Council of Iowa, or Planned Parenthood of the Heartland.  I find it ironic that those who are for “choice” don’t want to ensure that women are informed and make their choice voluntarily.  Women should know the risks and potential complications that can result from an abortion.

SF 40 – This addresses telemed abortions restricting where abortions can take place.  Again this should be a common sense bill for both sides.

SF 41 – This also addresses telemed abortions by restricting who can perform abortions.  This is another common sense bill which should enjoy bipartisan support.

HF 74 – This is a bill eliminating the healthy kids act which provided mandates related to lunches served not only in public schools, but accredited nonpublic schools.  This is a good bill, please let your legislators know you are in favor of this bill.

HF 24 – This bill would require students, in not only public schools, but also accredited nonpublic schools to administer a civics exam before students could graduate.  While students learning civics is a good thing, who write the test?  What would be on it?  Also it is another mandate by the State on private schools that operate without taxpayer funding.  I’m against it, please ask your legislators to kill it.

HF 71 – This bill raises the compulsory age of education from 16 to 17.  We feel this is a decision that should be made by the parents, not the state.  Also raising the compulsory age to 17 can impact the homeschooling community negatively.  The House needs to kill this bill.

SSB 1054 – This bill would require public schools and accredited nonpublic schools to provide vision screenings for 1st – 3rd graders and any other student referred by a teacher or parent.  This is the role of a parent, and the responsibility of a parent to insure such screenings take place.  It should not be the role of the schools, and again we have the state wanting to tell private schools who are not taxpayer funded what they should do.  We don’t need additional nanny state policies. 

Not long ago they passed a similar law requiring dental screenings.  It wasn’t supposed to apply to homeschooling families and yet we have received a letter from the Des Moines Public School District when our daughter went into 9th grade.

HSB 30 – is the House version of the vision screening bill in the Senate.

HF 35 – This bill would prohibit the state board of education from adopting federal standards or regulations without statutory authorization.  The General Assembly and Governor should adopt (or reject) federal standards, not a board of unelected educational bureaucrats.  I am in favor of this bill.

HF 45 – This is the successor of HSB 1.  It is the Taxpayer First Act which defunds universal preschool and takes away most of the funds for the Iowa Core Curriculum.  This passed the House on 1/19/11 and is now up in the Senate.

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  1. Clearly, by supporting HF5, SF38, SF39, SF40 and SF41, you are EVIL!! When will you understand, it’s all or nothing!!

    1. I am thankful that Jesus didn’t have the ‘all or nuthin’ attitude when it came to our salvation. Many won’t turn and repent; but Jesus died for them just like He did for you and me. God did NOT say, “Everyone repent or I am not sending my Son!” Rather, while we were still sinners, sinning; he died for us…I think it would be good for you to study how God’s plan works among us sinners. We are His hands in a world that rejects God; and we don’t win wars all the time; but we can wage and win battles. It’s up to the Holy Spirit to win hearts and change minds; we are just called to be faithful…not necessarily successful. Peace be unto you.

      1. He was joking, but those who want to be consistent with that position would have to point out that with the exception of the Senate version of the bill banning late term abortions, he is cosponsoring legislation that could be deemed as incremental.

        I agree with Sorenson’s position on those. I just wished he would also sign onto the bill banning late term abortions as well.

  2. Personally I am not supporting HF-5 doesn’t go far enough for me, and I will stand up for those State Reps who oppose for those grounds (incuding my own State Rep. Tom Shaw). They need to put up Kim Pearson’s bill.

    1. It doesn’t go far enough for me either, but I recognize it is a means to an end… I’m supporting any and all prolife legislation.

      Once I know the file number for Pearson’s bill I’ll put that up as well. I emailed her this afternoon trying to get information about it.

    2. It doesn’t go far enough for me either, but I recognize it is a means to an end… I’m supporting any and all prolife legislation.

      Once I know the file number for Pearson’s bill I’ll put that up as well. I emailed her this afternoon trying to get information about it.

  3. As always – I appreciate your insight and willingness to take the issues head-on instead of pretending that we’re not a state (and nation) in the midst of financial, social, moral, and spiritual crisis. I was especially interested in your opinion on HF 24. In all honesty, I haven’t yet made up my mind about this one…

    I agree that we do NOT need more unfunded mandates in schools (particularly where they affect both public and private institutions). However, I would point out – just to answer the questions you posed above – that the test that would be required is the same as the test that people must pass in order to become naturalized citizens.

    Should it be a requirement for graduation? Dunno. But, there is definitely a problem somewhere… According to this survey of 30,000 Americans, most of us wouldn’t pass the citizenship test.

    Still mulling this bill over.

    1. I agree with you that we need to focus on Civics, but I’m not sure a test would solve our problem. The problem lies in our dumbing down the American History Curriculum.

      If they’d drop the language requiring private schools to participate I’d probably be ok with this. From what I’ve seen in private schools they do a much better job with civics education than what I’ve seen in the public schools.

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