I figured everybody and their brother was blogging about the big name keynote speakers at CPAC so I wanted to watch the CPAC speech (need free registration) given by a neighbor to the north,  Freshman Congresswoman Kristi Noem (R-SD).  I have heard a little about her before, and I took time to visit her website before watching.

I think we have a rising star on our hands.  She wasn’t flashy giving her speech, but she was down to earth and I believe we need more people like that in Congress.  She talked about growing up in South Dakota on her family’s farm.  Her dad whom she identified as a Cowboy was killed at the age of 49 in an accident on their farm.  She came from college to help take manager their operation.  She said that they were hit hard by the estate tax.  They had to choose as many farmers do in that circumstance to sell land or take out a loan.  She said her Dad always said that you never sell land.  She went on to say, “I don’t know if anyone has ever told you, but they aren’t making any more land.”

She said her service was sparked by something her dad had said, “you can’t just complain about something that is happening, you need to do something about it.”  She said her experiences on her family farm, and the hardships they faced (she said it took 1o years to pay off the loan for the estate tax) led her to service.  She ran for the South Dakota House and won in 2006.  For the last two years she has been the Assistant Majority Leader in the South Dakota House of Representatives.

Not complaining, but doing let this farming and ranching mom of three to run for Congress.   She only announced a year ago she was running and now she joins a freshman class of 87 Republican Representatives.  She noted 37 of which has never held public office.   She said to much applause describing her decision to run, “maybe we need common, everyday, ordinary people serving.”   She received even greater applause when she said, “a lot of us freshman don’t have a lot of knowledge about the way Washington operates and frankly we don’t really care.”

She said her class wants to be historic not just in numbers, but in delivering results for the American people.

I hope they succeed.

Update: I blogged more in depth on her remarks about education over at Get Conservative.

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  1. I really hope she continues to “fly under the radar” with the main stream media. She may not be ready for a 2012 run, but I see big things in her future and I would not want the progressives in the msm to dig their teeth in to her so early in her career.

  2. Kristi Noem got 3 million in government money(our money) for her “little farm”, in subsidies. Ask her about curtailing the current level of farm subsidies and I’m sure that she will not be for reducing that little perk in any amount. Or any other amount of Federal spending that goes to welfare states like South Dakota who take in $1.84 for every $1.00 they send to Washington. How’s that for being down to earth.

    1. geez Marky…I would think you’d be down with that, because that’s how you dems hold folks down. Subsidize em’ baby….But you have another thing coming in 2012….Perks that you talk about are some of the ‘earmarks’ left by others before them. Now you wanna use it against her because she took advantage of something that was there for the asking….I’ve always begged the question…Welfare states? Just what does that mean? But I just remembered something way back in my childhood, back on the farm….It’s a rough life and notany folks can endure. I’d be willing to bet if you were out there, trying to make a living and a disaster struck, such as a freeze, flood or any natural disaster, and you were bound by obligations to banks and such, you’d be there, standing in line, asking for help. So shut your mouth when you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. I’ve seen it with my family and others…It’s a hard life. Not everyone can do it, but the ones that can, my hats off to you, we owe a debt of gratitude…

      1. It’s Mark, Freddo, and we will see if Krisi Noem now votes to reduce farm subsidies, ethanol subsidies, wind subsidies, all the largess that the federal government sprinkles on South Dakota. Welfare means you get more than you pay in, simple and as down to earth as that.

      2. I’m just a dummy then, cuz all my life I’ve never had to depend on welfare to make ends meet….I worked and continue to do so to this day….so you don’t gotta splain nuttin to me….Boy…..

    2. and another thing, you stated that it was “our money”…..really? I’m glad it was “our money” that helped someone in the farming community. Better than it going to some fkn country that has their hand out begging and the other hand has a bomb to blow us all to hell….JERK

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