California US House Member Jackie Speier exploited the loss of her own child by miscarriage many years ago and used her floor time Thursday night to promote the killing of unborn children. This was a shameless effort to stop Republicans from defunding Planned Barrenhood. (Planned Parenthood name is a joke, they don’t plan parents, they plan un-parents.). It was supposedly in response to incendiary remarks by congressman Chris Smith who was speaking in favor of the Mike Pence amendment.

If the baby was dead already, it wasn’t an abortion at all. That is just playing games with the terminology. We all know the difference between spontaneous abortion and elective abortion. Speier is willing to use her own personal tragedy of one kind of abortion (a miscarriage) to promote the other–the intentional killing of a baby.

It is like discussing one’s mother’s heart attack to defend shooting women in the chest. They are two different things.

We might cry with her on her loss but we won’t be fooled into continuing to fund the murder of unborn children at the hands of America’s largest baby killing organization.

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