Tabitha Hale the New Media Director at FreedomWorks (formerly with Smart Girl Politics) was assaulted by a union thug from Communications Workers of America when they took their protest today to the FreedomWorks offices.

She’s all right, but sheesh, the left likes calling Tea Party activists violent.  I had a chance to meet Tabitha last fall at the BlogCon conference that FreedomWorks held, and originally started following her via twitter, she told me that I was the first one to link to her blog.  I’m glad I was able to be an encouragement to her.  I’m super excited about the work that she is doing, and it seems like she is ticking off all the right people.

HT: Michele Malkin

  1. “And it seems like she is ticking off all the right people.” I’m confused. That old man, the Union guy, the one who looks like a cold Sean Connery, is that the “right people” that Tabitha Hale is ticking off? You’re happy that Tabitha Hale made an old man about twice her age mad? Why? Because it’s garnered some attention? Which people are the “right people” that Tabitha Hale is ticking off?

    Tabitha Hale put herself in the middle of a heated verbal fight between that old Union worker and one of her co-workers. You can see from the video, that old man was already agitated and upset. But he didn’t come after Tabitha. She moved into that fight and pressed her cell phone in the man’s face. Why did she do that? Why would a small woman put herself in the middle of what was already a heated fight between two much larger men? That seems like a foolish thing to do. Tabitha could have been hurt if that man had been dangerous. It’s a good thing he wasn’t dangerous.

    Tabitha Hale was pushed. And her phone was knocked to the ground. That was rude and wrong. That angry, old man should have apologized. But Tabitha Hale was not injured and her cell phone was not damaged. Let’s say this again. There was no injury and no property damage. Where is the story? Do you think that old man went to FreedomWorks with the intention of pushing down Tabitha Hale? Or was his push a mistake that happened because Tabitha put herself in the middle of heated verbal argument? I’m not saying that push was justified. But was it the outrageous act of a thug?

    The old man wasn’t armed with a gun, knife or even a sign with a stick. Tabitha stood up and continued filming the man, while her friend (who may have been trying to provoke a reaction by fighting with him) accused the old man of “assault!” Tabitha’s friend’s first concern wasn’t for her safety, “Wow! Tabitha! That guy’s dangerous, let’s get you out of here!” He doesn’t try to restrain the man or call for help. Why? Because the man wasn’t dangerous! He wasn’t assaulting Tabitha! He wasn’t a thug! Tabitha stood up and continued to film that old man to get his reaction. And he should have apologized. Because she deserved one.

    Was the push justified? NO! Was it rude? YES! But if everyone who was ever pushed (without injury or property damage) thought that they were “assaulted by a thug,” our courts would be overflowing with assault cases. How was making that old Union guy angry “ticking off the right people”? We don’t know his name! How is he the right guy to tick off?

    How is a push (unjustified as it was) that results in no damage or injury worthy of national attention? This is hype, an exaggeration. I’m not saying that Union worker was justified. But if a “push without damage or injury” is “assault by a thug,” you have the most milquetoast, watered-down definitions of “assault” and “thug.” If that guy was a “thug,” he was one of the lamest thugs in the history of thuggery.

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