I Can't Make Up Mind! Courage, Dread; Dread, Courage.In Governor Mike Huckabee’s new book, Simple Government, released tomorrow, he only gives two hints about whether he will run for President in 2012 or not.  One is in the introduction, the other in the epilogue.  In between, the focus is on Huckabee’s policy views informed by his faith, his knowledge of history, his experience as governor and his face-to-face meetings with the American people.

Though the book doesn’t proclaim “I’m running for president in 2012,”, in the introduction he applauds those who do more than complain about the government and work to fix it, because “most of the harshest critics offer their crusty curses without having the personal courage (emphasis mine) to put themselves on the ballot”.

In the epilogue he laments the emphasis on gotcha moments when people run for president.  He adds this line: “I actually dread (emphasis mine) the process, having been through it before, and contemplating whether to enter it again”

In the conference call he also delivered a mixed message.  He doesn’t want to see the whole process of selecting a GOP candidate to deteriorate into a bloodbath but also suggested again that if there are no social conservatives running who see the social issues as forefront, he will consider getting in to fill the gap.

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  1. I like Mike and could vote for him. My concern is always that too many conservatives running would splinter the vote and a less conservative (like McCain) would get the nomination.

      1. @Shane – I have always liked Mike but have called him out when I thought he was wrong. Unlike other conservatives candidates Mike is not afraid to be interviewed on shows like Morning Joe. Here is what I said about him on my blog in 01/08:

        “Having observed Mike Huckabee for several months now in different venues.. in debates and in TV interviews with Morning Joe, Meet the Press, Jay Leno.. I have to say that he is the best communicator on either side of the aisle. Mike is natural and believable.. he also seems to be willing to say when he is wrong and stick to his guns when he thinks he is right.”

        Mike is winsome and probably the best speaker in the GOP crowd. McCain would have done well to select him as his running mate. I hope that other not-so-electable conservatives do not splinter the vote, derail his campaign and get a moderate nominated.

  2. Take it from an Arkansan…Huckabee is about as bright as a eggplant. He would do nothing to slow spending on our military. He would lay in bed with the established Neo-Conservatives that want to police the world at the expense of our children. He cares nothing about Liberty or the Constitution and would take away more personal freedoms. The Democrats and Tea-Party would shun him and he would get absolutely nothing done. Although I am afraid that there is no way to save the dollar…there is no reason to vote for a man that will be completely ineffective at reigning in spending.

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