imageWow, first we have CIA Director Leon Panetta who testified that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak would step down by the end of the day yesterday.  He was wrong.  Mubarak seems to thumbing his nose at the President, and I’m sure he has been emboldened by the Saudis.  Obviously this makes President Obama extremely happy.

These types of things do tend to turn on a dime, so I’m willing to cut Panetta some slack if it weren’t for him coming back to say he was referring to media reports.  What?  You are going to make an assertion in a Congressional testimony saying there is a “strong likelihood” that Mubarack was going to step down based on media reports?

Wow, I can do that.  I understand media reports are part intelligence gathering, especially if you don’t have good sources of human intel on the ground.  It isn’t something you should rely on though.

Now we have a White House that is in disarray.

Second then there is Director of Intelligence James Clapper who thinks Muslim Brotherhood is secular.  That is obviously not the case.  Perhaps he needs to pay more attention to media reports.  Now he has to clarify his remarks.

All of this demonstrates yet again that the Obama administration wasn’t ready for the bigs.  President Obama really did botch his 3:00am phone call.

Update: Mubarak resigns, cedes power to military council.

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  1. It would be an honorable thing if obama stepped down, in light of the now proven and convicted nevada director of ACORN for criminal voter fraud. Obama was a co-director, and ACORN, now splintered, and their litigation obama funded, with billions, took more than 2 years of litigation to get the first case of 2008 election voterfraud to jury trial. ACORN used a common method in their thousands of new polling stations setupm for the 2008 election, they waited until day before election to submitt voter registeration, making them impossible to verify. The 400,000 exposed in the nevada jury trial a state where 2.6 million votes were submitted in the presidential election make it a clear case of voterfraud election, and obama is not the real duely elected president. He should step down and all his laws, appointments and formatted changes recalled, and the real elected, McCain-Palin should began to serve a 4 year term.

    Obama et al should be prosecuted, beginning with grand jury investigations, on a federal, state, and city legal proceedings into the indictment stage, by extrapolating the nevada investigation results.

    The ACORN Nevada supervisor was found guilty of 2008 election voter fraud.

    The Democ rat judge responsible for sentencing gave him a suspended sentence, illustrating criminality deeply embedded in Nevada Government, and throughout the nation.

    The current government is no longer fit to serve our country, and if left to their criminal decisions, will continue to enact laws for the cash in their pockets

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