Since Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was introduced by his wife Ann at CPAC with an endorsement for President I think we can now safely assume he’s definitely running in 2012.

In his remarks he said CPAC’s has always been fabulous (perhaps because David Keene has shilled for him?).  He said his wife Ann emailed him during President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech and said sounded a lot like his speech last year at CPAC.

Ok…. So he sounded like a big government “centrist” squish last year at CPAC?  Oh, no it was just a façade… kind of like Romney’s 2008 campaign?  I digress.

His speech was full of swipes humorous and otherwise at President Obama.   He rightly criticized President Obama’s weak and confused foreign policy hoping that he would “get a foreign policy, any foreign policy.”  He pointed out President Obama’s flimsy response to the “worst job loss in history” saying “it could be worse.”  Truly not inspiring. 

He said that President Obama should have understood that when taking over the presidency in the midst of a raging recession he should have understood the economy was his number one priority.  He said he should have “fought for every American job.”  Romney stated that, “President Obama has stood watch over the greatest job loss in modern American history, and that my friends in an inconvenient truth that will haunt this President throughout history.”

Yes and yes, President Obama has done these things.  Romney said it was take more than “new rhetoric” to turn things around, it will take a new President.

Mitt Romney should know a thing or two about rhetoric.  He mentioned “liberal social policies that have failed to protect the unborn.”  What in his record has he done that has demonstrated a commitment to life?  All I have seen is a flip-flop.  At least lately he hasn’t positioned himself as a staunch social conservative, he discovered that Iowans saw through that.

Romney talked about the “hollow promises of liberal economic policies” and “limited government.”  Why not tout his record on RomneyCare?  Seriously, he bashed Obama on the economy, but didn’t even touch on the disaster of Obamacare with the exception of a fleeting mention of the “government takeover of healthcare.”

Governor Romney needs to understand that the “record and not rhetoric” complaint applies to him as well.

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