I promised a friend of mine that I would promote a local men’s conference called Real Men that is happening one day before a truly blessed event, my birthday (February 19th – cash or an iPad are welcome, just kidding… sort of). 

REAL MEN is a Christian men’s conference designed to encourage men to become the men that God is calling them to be.  Strong, godly leaders in their homes, churches and communities.

REAL MEN 2011 will be Friday, Feb. 18, 2011, at 7 p.m. at Rising Sun Church of Christ in Pleasant Hill, IA.

Speakers for REAL Men will be Jan Mickelson of WHO Radio and Fred Stoeker, co-author of Every Man’s Battle.  Worship will be led by the Pathway Band.  For a bonus, yours truly will be getting a couple of minutes in between speakers to talk about how kids need REAL MEN (as opposed to the fake, sissified ones).  I know my speaking will truly be the draw.  Mickelson and Stoeker… meh.

Anyway, this thing is free.  You can register here.

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