Picture of Huge Traffic Jam
Ron Paul Followers Headed to Straw Poll

Ron Paul, a libertarian who wants to be President, and his supporters, have discovered the pathway to the GOP nomination and the presidency. It is to overwhelm the system. If they remain faithful and read every blogpost and newstory about him, they will increase traffic to those websites. Those websites will in return do more articles about Ron Paul, eventually pushing out all news stories about any other Republican candidates. Even New York Times stories about Ronald Reagan, Sarah Palin, Justin Bieber and Glenn Beck will become passé and nobody will publish them.

The same thing will happen with online polls and straw polls. If they are flooded with Paul supporters people won’t even bother voting in them anymore. It reminds me of an old quip I used to hear: That restaurant is so crowded nobody goes there anymore.

Soon all headlines in the blogosphere will read something like “Rep. Paul Gets 100% of the Vote in Online Poll, Election Assured”. No one will even show up this year at the Ames Straw Poll in Iowa because they know Paul has it wrapped up.

Perhaps we should go the Dana Milbank route (who boycotted Palin in February) and boycott all stories about Ron Paul in March. Don’t Read Them, Don’t Write Them….


I’ve got traffic reports to read.

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