Former Governor Buddy Roemer (R-LA) spoke at the 11th Annual Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition Spring Event at Point of Grace Church in Waukee, IA.

He said he is the only candidate who was a Congressman and Governor.  He is pro-life.  He was a conservative Democrat in Congress, led the bullwevils in Congress and worked with President Ronald Reagan.  He talked about bringing right to work to Louisiana and bringing education reform by testing teachers and paying those who did well 30% more.  He changed parties while in Baton Rogue.

He talked about losing a Governor’s primary race to David Duke (and another gentleman)… “we lost it by a whisker, and they both went to the penitentiary.”  He’s been involved in starting banks and small banking since.

“Washington isn’t about leadership.  Washington isn’t about the people.  Washington is about power and money… The nation is suffering and Washington is a boon town.”

He said the system is institutionally corrupt, and that people of faith need to stand up to the corruption.  He wants to be independent (of special interests).  He has committed that he will take no more than $100 from any donor, he would take no PAC money, or corporate money (he was the only member of Congress not to take PAC money).  He said the only way we can change things in Washington is if the President is free.

He said he wants us to be free to pursue energy independence and be free from the Middle East.  He said he will end subsidies – ethanol and oil.  He said “with oil being $106/barrel what do they need with subsidies?”

“I declare my independence.”

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