Barrack Hussein Obama will be a two term president.

We are four months past the historic midterm elections of 2010 in which the Republicans gained a net 63 seats from Democrats and retook control of the chamber they had lost in the 2006 midterm elections, erasing the gains Democrats made in 2006 and 2008 and picked up additional seats, making it the highest total House victory for a single party since 1948 and the highest of any midterm election since 1938.

Sanity restored. Americans get it. Obama better enjoy his ride for the next two years because we are sending him packing after only one term! Not so fast.

While the elections certainly buoyed the spirits and confidence of conservatives, it also had a tangible affect on President Obama. It motivated him to do something he had, up to this point, refused to do… move toward the political center. A move that many expected to take place prior to the midterms as the heat was turned up over his radical policies. Obama not only refused to pivot, as Bill Clinton had done after the 1994 midterms, he doubled down. Arrogance or ignorance? You make the call. Nevertheless… November proved to be the catalyst for his “change.”

Less than two months after the November shellacking, Obama extended the Bush era tax cuts. Subsequently, he offered an olive branch to the Chamber of Commerce and appointed business leaders to his management team. He is actually attempting to become the “jobs president.” Or so he’d have you believe.

The Tea Party movement, made up mostly of conservative Republicans, was able to siphon off enough disgruntled Democrats and Independents to help make it the powerful force that it proved to be in the midterms. But just how deep is their loyalty to the Tea Party and their principles? How much must Obama moderate to shake them loose and draw them back into the fold?

Essential to reclaiming the critical independent vote will be his ability to manage public perception of key current events such as unemployment and rapidly rising gasoline prices. This task is made easier with his willing accomplices in the mainstream media. Case in point is the comparison of media reaction to rising gas prices in 2008, during the Bush administration versus the increases we are experiencing now in 2011. According to Julia A. Seymour, writing for, “In 2008, network reporters mentioned “Bush,” the “president” or “government” in gas price reports 15 times more often than in 2011 under President Obama (15 stories to 1).”

Make no mistake about it… despite these moves to the center, Barrack Obama is a hard left ideologue who stands firmly behind Obamacare, cap and trade, stimulus, extending unemployment benefits, card check, banning off-shore drilling, suing Arizona for enforcing federal laws against illegal immigration… need I go on?

But he will continue to speak as a centrist. He will purport to be a friend of business. He will selectively “compromise” with Republicans. And the media will continue to report the favorable and ignore the unfavorable. Thus, just enough of the independents will rediscover their affection for the Pied Piper and America’s first black president will have a second term with which to enact his radical, leftist agenda.

If you despised his activity during the first two years of his term… just wait until the final four years. I hope I am wrong.

  1. This is one of my all-time worst pet peeves. A bunch of people vote for some rockhead. He does exactly what he says he will do. People don’t like it so they decide to vote for someone else next time. But then the candidate makes a move to the center and they think he is not so bad after all. So they vote for the same rockhead again. And people fall for this hook, line, and sinker. People are stupid.


  2. Greg makes a good point about stupid people voting. But I think it noy accurate to compare Obama with Clinton.
    A better comparasion is with Carter. Let’s not forget unemployment is still high, 12% at least. With our oil policies gas will continue to high or higher, in fact Obama said he wants $5 gas. That will kill the economy and I think it will kill his election for another 4 years.

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