Mike HuckabeeI spoke with former Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR) Thursday on behalf of KTIA Radio (99.3 FM/1260 AM) before the Iowa Pastors Renewal Project Conference (which will be webcast today).  This is my second time speaking with him in person, and I’ve enjoyed both experiences as he was incredibly friendly and easy going.  He was not with any of his own staff.  We were not given much time – 5 minutes with which to conduct the interview.  I told him that we needed to get started because we had to keep it to five minutes under pain of death.  He asked “whose death might that be?”  (He wouldn’t’ be the one in trouble Smile). 

After Chris Rohloff introduced KTIA to him and I introduced Caffeinated Thoughts and told him I had been a blogger for Huckabee in 2008, to which he replied, “God bless you.”  He also said, “you must know David Shedlock,” and I was forced to claim him as one of our contributors (just kidding).  So apparently Governor Huckabee was aware of Caffeinated Thoughts before.

In the interview we discussed his 2012 decision and what his criteria will be on getting in the race.  He mentioned two things – his internal compass, whether or not he feels compelled to get into the race and whether or not they’ll be able to raise the funds to complete as that was something they struggled with in 2008.

We also discussed what role a Christian should play in politics since there is a debate among evangelicals as to how involved we should be.  Be sure to watch the whole interview (it’s less than six minutes) below:

If you live in the Des Moines area you can catch this interview along with interviews with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN), former Congressman Bob McEwen, Christian Researcher & Pollster George Barna, and Historian David Barton, founder of Wallbuilders on KTIA Radio.  Just tune in today between 12:00p – 1:00p (CST) to 99.3 FM or 1260 AM.

  1. Man, you have fallen hook line and sinker for this Big Government, Nanny State, tent revival reject.

    This guy would be more dangerous as President than Barack Obama.

    He’s actually said it’s our “biblical duty” to deal with “global warming” and pass a cap and tax bill.



    He’s also called for a national smoking ban! Of course, once he caught heat, he pulled a Romney and flip flopped, just as he did on cap and tax.




    Huckabee is a tax and spend democrat and nothing more.



    “….Mike is talking about using the coercive power of government to force other people to pay taxes and to comply with onerous and arbitrary laws to do what Mike thinks, as a Christian, he should be doing.”

    From the CATO Institute, the group that gave Huckabee an “F” for his handling of fiscal matters as Governor.

    Huckabee: The Biggest Big-Government Conservative


    “But Huckabee doesn’t just embrace big government in the form of big taxes. He truly appears to believe that if something is a good idea it should be a federal government program.

    For example, having become health conscious while losing more than 120 pounds (a remarkable feat), he now calls for a national smoking ban. Because he believes that “art and music are as important as math and science” in public schools, he wants these programs funded — and thus, directed and administered — federally.

    Huckabee is, incidentally, the only Republican candidate for president who opposes school choice.”

    Mike Huckabee is a Big Government Statist. A progressive. A tax and spend democrat pretending to be a Republican.

    People who are all in love with this con-artist just because he’s “religious” need to wake up. Mike Huckabee is NOT to be trusted.

      1. Nobody should make that mistake, Shane.

        Thanks for acknowledging my existence.
        Governor Huckabee is just trying to get your goat.

  2. “This guy would be more dangerous as President than Barack Obama.”

    Barack Obama appreciates your vote. Why the tent-revival comment, you got something against the gospel?

    “Huckabee is a tax and spend democrat”

    Huckabee has always been a Republican, it is you who is threatening to vote for Obama (again).

    “Huckabee is, incidentally, the only Republican candidate for president who opposes school choice.”

    You must not understand his position, then. Thousands of home schoolers know Mike Huckabee is in their camp.

    1. David,

      Re. the school choice… he is pro-homeschooling, private school vouchers, etc… not so much. I remember that it was a point of frustration for Eric Goranson back in 2007 (and he supported him). His record as Governor in this area wasn’t stellar. For homeschoolers yes, for private schools no.

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