We are all subject to making mistakes, as I am sure Mike Huckabee will be first to tell you. As I pointed out recently, many pundits and pols have taken to prognosticating, pontificating and predicting the demise of the Mike Huckabee for President 2012 candidacy. He is not running, he will not run, he cannot run, he should not run, he must not run. Even, “Don’t run, Mike”. No one yet has said he didn’t run. Previously I debunked the myths that his home or Fox contract will keep him out.

Now let’s bring the story up to date. First, there is the issue of Eric Woolson, who met with Huckabee during his Simple Government book tour last week. He has now announced he is going to work to promote Tim Pawlenty if he decides to run. Woolson is one of many professional political insiders who have worked for various campaigns, including Huckabee’s 2007 effort in Iowa.

Huckabee has made two things clear. First, he cannot take concrete steps to begin a run for presidency until he is certain he is going to run, otherwise, he will lose his contracts with ABC Radio and Fox News. Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have already been “booted off” Fox for bellying up too close to the presidential bar. Second, it is clear Huckabee has not decided whether he will run or not, or has kept the decision to himself. He could not even wisely tell close associates like Woolson and Bob Vander Plaats that “yes, I am running”. One leak or misstep and he would be dumped in the pool, still wearing a suit and tie. So no one, especially Huckabee, blames Woolson for taking the bird in hand instead of waiting for the two in the bush, if that is his reasoning.

Politico shows how presumption can cause you to mess up the story. In the latest rendition of the “hardened conventional wisdom” that Huckabee won’t run, they lead their story with a picture of four female Huckabee supporters wearing M-I-K-E on their T-shirts at a rally in 2007. The AP picture has this caption:

“Iowa conservatives rally for Mike Huckabee in 2007. They don’t have a standard-bearer today”







The problem for Politico is, these same four young ladies showed up last week at the book tour in Iowa, just as enthusiastic as ever:








I know the anti-Hucks are out in full force wishin’ and a prayin’, and a hopin’ he won’t run.   But a picture paints a thousand words.

HatTip: Granny T at Huck’s Army.


  1. Very astute observations David. The support for Huck is very high. 600 of his new “policy” books were sold out in Greenville, Texas in one hour. Someone doesn’t write a policy book and sit on the sidelines as an observer.

  2. David,
    Thanks for the H/T but it was actually Iowans Rock at HucksArmy that posted the recent picture of the girls and linked to the story on Politico that brought it to my attention.

    Did you see the comments by the two girls wearing “M” and “I” under the Politico site? They let them know they still like Mike and “support him all the way!!!!!” – way to go, girls! 🙂

    Granny T

  3. “So no one, especially Huckabee, blames Woolson for taking the bird in hand instead of waiting for the two in the bush, if that is his reasoning.”

    Great article, I agree, especially with this statement. This is not necessarily an indication that Huckabee is not running, it is only an indication that Woolson does not want to wait for Huckabee to make a call, he would rather take the job opportunity that is open, rather than risk waiting. I think Huckabee will do pretty well in Iowa (if he runs) regardless of who is running his campaign here, but he may risk not having many people available to help out if he waits too long.

  4. I also saw the girls and took their picture in West Des Moines. Not only that, but I saw the Happy Faces on everyone waiting to have the books signed in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City ( lots of college students as well as the security people) and West Des Moines. Believe me, there are many others out there just waiting for Mike Huckabee to officially announce his run for President.

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