imageI like much of what newly minted Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) represents – he believes in limited government, he’s a constitutionalist, he says he is** prolife (though some in Kentucky would disagree), and he believes in fiscal restraint and wants to cut spending at the federal level.  In my book he is a welcome addition to the U.S. Senate.

During a recent interview with the Courier-Journal after giving a speech at the Rotary Club of Louisville, KY, he said he isn’t ruling out a 2012 presidential run.

Say what?

He’s been on the job in the Senate for like what… three months?  He said, “Really the biggest decision for me is whether my father runs or not.”  No, Senator Paul, with all due respect the biggest decision is whether you are qualified to run for President.

Being a Senator for three months and being an ophthalmologist before that doesn’t adequately prepare one to be President.  It kind of reminds me a little of the current occupant of the White House who started running to be President shortly after joining the Senate.  President Barack Obama wasn’t adequately prepared either.

I have no doubt that Senator Paul would make better decisions, but let’s consider 2020 (I hope we have a conservative in the White House in 2016).

While he certainly has the right to run if he so chooses, I think throwing his hat in ring with minimal experience demonstrates an arrogance that we don’t need right now.

I hope he reconsiders and belays anyone around him entertaining the thought, it’s bad advice.

Update: ** I edited my remarks from saying he’s prolife, to he says he’s prolife.  I haven’t fully vetted him in this area so I shouldn’t assume that, thank you Lisa Graas for pointing out Kentucky Right to Life’s research.  I know other prolifers who disagree, so I just ask my readers to look at the different articles and make up their own mind.

The point of the post really wasn’t about his prolife position anyway, it’s my belief he is not ready to run for President even if every prolifer agreed that he was 100% prolife.

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