imageI like much of what newly minted Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) represents – he believes in limited government, he’s a constitutionalist, he says he is** prolife (though some in Kentucky would disagree), and he believes in fiscal restraint and wants to cut spending at the federal level.  In my book he is a welcome addition to the U.S. Senate.

During a recent interview with the Courier-Journal after giving a speech at the Rotary Club of Louisville, KY, he said he isn’t ruling out a 2012 presidential run.

Say what?

He’s been on the job in the Senate for like what… three months?  He said, “Really the biggest decision for me is whether my father runs or not.”  No, Senator Paul, with all due respect the biggest decision is whether you are qualified to run for President.

Being a Senator for three months and being an ophthalmologist before that doesn’t adequately prepare one to be President.  It kind of reminds me a little of the current occupant of the White House who started running to be President shortly after joining the Senate.  President Barack Obama wasn’t adequately prepared either.

I have no doubt that Senator Paul would make better decisions, but let’s consider 2020 (I hope we have a conservative in the White House in 2016).

While he certainly has the right to run if he so chooses, I think throwing his hat in ring with minimal experience demonstrates an arrogance that we don’t need right now.

I hope he reconsiders and belays anyone around him entertaining the thought, it’s bad advice.

Update: ** I edited my remarks from saying he’s prolife, to he says he’s prolife.  I haven’t fully vetted him in this area so I shouldn’t assume that, thank you Lisa Graas for pointing out Kentucky Right to Life’s research.  I know other prolifers who disagree, so I just ask my readers to look at the different articles and make up their own mind.

The point of the post really wasn’t about his prolife position anyway, it’s my belief he is not ready to run for President even if every prolifer agreed that he was 100% prolife.

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  1. He’s smart, he’s run his own business, he’s won an election for high office, and he believes in limited government and the greatness of America. That makes him better qualified than some of the would-be GOP contenders.

      1. Romney supported a healthcare mandate when he was governor, Newt Gingrich supports Medicare part D, Huckabee supported cap and trade, Palin supported the bank bailout while running with McCain and most of the candidates support maintaining a bloated “defense” budget. Who are these limited government candidates you speak of?

      2. Defense is the one activity Government is supposed to do.

        VP candidates never contradict the top of the ticket. She never said she was in favor of it… please show me an interview where Palin said she supported it.

        I’ll agree with you that Romney’s not limited… Huckabee has some positions I disagree on.

        But you know what? I’m not going to support a guy who has only been in the Senate for three months and hasn’t been an executive. Yes as an ophthalmologist he has some small business experience… still not ready.

  2. What exactly qualifies someone to be the President? I would think that a solid grasp of the powers and responsibilities of the office would go a long way. I would also suspect that actually respecting the Constitution would go much further, for me at least, than being say, a Constitutional Lawyer, or community organizer, or even idiot son of an ex-president. Humble is a good start. Idealistic isn’t bad. I think he’s at least as qualified as anybody else talking about it and more qualified than many.

  3. The knowledge and experience of the republican leadership doubled our debt and expanded governent into every facet of our lives while controlling 2 branches of government. Having been chastised, the experienced leadership is now pushing a 61 billion cut from a 1.65 Trillion dollar deficit.

    500 Billion in Cuts this year, 5 year balanced budget plan, fix to Social Security coming in a couple of weeks. Rand already has already shown he has more experience in dealing with reality than 99% of the Jokers in the government currently.

    Rand was so interested in policy as a teen that Ron Paul took him to the Republican convention to watch him fight for Reagan. Rand would probably be the most well read and informed president we have had in a long long time.

  4. Rand Paul has 0% chance of winning the GOP nom because he suggested scaling back the sacred cow/Defense budget. That’s a big no-no, especially when it comes to primary season and accusations of being “soft.”

  5. Rand Paul has 0% chance of winning the GOP nom because he suggested scaling back the sacred cow/Defense budget. That’s a big no-no, especially when it comes to primary season and accusations of being “soft.”

  6. Those in Kentucky pretending Rand was not pro life were engaged in an election smear, as demonstrated by the fact that one of Rand’s first bills in office was with Senator Roger Wicker as an original sponsor of the Life at Conception Act. This legislation declares that the unborn are persons, as prescribed in the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

    I think his Dad is going to run and this meme sprang from wanting a different answer to a chronic journalist question. However, now he has gotten so much press from this I can see him thinking that if his Dad weren’t to run, the media would spotlight things like his 5 year balanced budget proposal, which essentially got buried under Japan and Lybia news. Running for President isn’t always the same thing as being president and each have different benefits.

    However, I sure would like him better than a number of the candidates whose experience merely proves how lousy they are.

    1. Rand Paul supports two opposing positions on abortion, ‘sailing’……his father’s own bill contradicts the Wicker bill….and he supports his father’s bill. You can’t be both for and against something at the same time. The Wicker bill would never pass and he knows it. When it all boils down, hewould vote with his father, not Wicker. But of course, anyone who would commit forgery to smear Kentucky Right to Life doesn’t have a problem supporting both Wicker and Daddy Paul on paper at the same time. Paper is just paper to a forger.

      1. The point of the post really wasn’t about his position on life, but again one of the reasons I linked to you was because I know you did a ton of research into this.

        It was meant to be a compliment.

  7. As a Rand Paul fan and small donor to his Senate race I have to say I wholeheartedly agree. While inexperience (see Obama, Palin) seems to the be the main qualifier these days, Rand is going to go from inspiring Senator to punchline in a second if he throws his hat in the ring. Besides, the small-government wing of the GOP from which the Pauls come already has a promising and well-qualified candidate-in-waiting in Governor Gary Johnson. I like 2020 for the younger Dr. Paul. He is an eye doctor after all, it just has a nice serendipity to it.

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