Last week I saw a video of a charming union member describe the Teaparty crowd in Wisconsin as “unintelligent”. I was very impressed with his argument delivered through his yellow-toothed grin, tar-coated voice-box and Charlie Sheen logic, but one thing he did say was the Tea Party “cut taxes for the Billionaires”. here he is, what a charmer, eh girls?

Union Guy In Wisconsin

That may be true, so I thought, how about not just “taxing” Billionaires, but “robbing” them to reduce the debt? Just take all their money, every evil penny from Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, around 3 of the Walton WalMart kids, and their ilk! Sure it might hurt some businesses and workers, and be entirely against the will of every moralistic cell we have left in our bodies, but hey, this is the age of Obama, “We are all Socialists Now”, and it would take care of the nearly 15 trillion dollar debt we have here in Amerika. (a trillion is a lot of money, check out my past article here.)

Found out there are 403 billionares in the United States….

Cha CHING!!!!!

OK fine, we will just pay the debt off and give back to the greedy SOB’s what we don’t use, that’s the ticket! The total net worth of these 403 is……..

1.3 trillion.


So if we stole, not merely taxed, but STOLE all the money from ALL the billionaires in Amerika, we would only get a lousy 1.3 Trillion?

So the next time someone says we need to “tax the rich” to get the debt paid for, let them know that ROBBING them won’t even work.

I’m going to try to hunt down and inform the gravel-throated Union intellectual about this, he must have missed some data in his research.

And I sadly put away the red bandana I was going to wear as a robber mask, that I bought at WalMart (no wonder those kids are rich).

Forbes 25 Richest Americans

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