imageOrdinarily I don’t bother addressing liberal bloggers like this and feel they are best ignored, but since I caused a brouhaha of sorts with my amateur mistake of not editing the video of my second interview with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) I was duty bound to address it. 

Regarding the video, I should have trimmed this video not because anything I felt was said after the video was bad and felt the need to cover for Congresswoman Bachmann instead I simply should have trimmed it because it was the end of our agreed upon “on the record” time.  That’s integrity, something this blogger obviously knows nothing about.  Needless to say in a rush to upload the video I forgot that the guy running the camera forgot to stop the camera when we were done.  To Congresswoman Bachmann’s office, I am truly sorry for any headache my mistake may cause.

So the liberal  “Dump Bachmann Blog” took the end of my video after the interview and highlighted something that Congresswoman Bachmann said to an aide.  She said, “Now, when we go out, the guy from the L.A. Times is out there. We’re not going to talk to the L.A. Times, right? Your going to handle it right?”

Some context is necessary.  First, the Los Angeles Times reporter in question is Paul West (he also writes for the Chicago Tribune).  Mr. West was hanging out at the Sheraton West in West Des Moines where the Iowa Renewal Project was taking place.  The organizers of this event also arranged for the speakers at the event to do interviews with Christian media who had been specifically invited.  I was interviewing for KTIA Radio 99.3 FM/1260 AM which was one such organization.

Mr. West asked to sit in our interview.  That was declined.  He wasn’t invited to be there, the event was closed to media with the exception of certain organizations.  Outside of our interview times we were not allowed to cover the event until after it had been webcast on Saturday by the American Family Association.  I gave Mr. West my card and informed him that the video of the interview would be made available over the weekend.

So Congresswoman Bachmann was following the rules of the event.

Secondly, Congresswoman Bachmann hardly avoided this reporter, she in fact interviewed with him that very day as seen in an article that Mr. West wrote last Thursday (the same day as my interview):

In a brief interview before meeting privately with lawmakers at the state Capitol in Des Moines, she repeated her standard line about a 2012 race — that she would decide "by summer" — but pointedly declined to shoot down the CNN report.

Furthermore,  the author of this post at “Dump Bachmann” and the owners of the YouTube Channel MNPOLITICS (I’m assuming they are one in the same, but that is just an assumption) need a lesson in copyright law.  The U.S. Copyright Office says that a copyright infringement occurs “when a copyrighted work is reproduced, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of the copyright owner.”

I never gave them permission to make this video using my work.  They can’t even claim “fair use” since it is incredibly simple to contact me.

So this is a great example of stupidity from liberal bloggers who don’t even bother to do some fact checking, but also break the law in order to “break” their nonstory.  Apparently when Michele Bachmann is involved none of that is necessary.

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  1. Michele Bachman is awesome. You are doing right by bringing the truth forward and backing her up. The light always makes the rats run.

    Keep it up!

  2. Bachmann is a shallow, silly buffoon, just like Palin. Is this the best the republicans can do? What losers.

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