He calls it his “Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour.  A more accurate title would be “Charlie Sheen’s Traveling Train Wreck.”

 Whatever you choose to call it, Charlie made his debut in Detroit last night and by all reports, it simply gave the citizens of that once fine city one more thing to grumble about.  Even the donning of a Detroit Tiger jersey could not help salvage the “performance.”

 Apparently, Mr. Sheen thought that trotting a comedian out as an opening act, nearly 20 minutes after the show’s scheduled start, would be a good way to warm up the crowd before the warlock, himself, took the stage.  Fail!  Even a mid-act appearance by Charlie, admonishing the crowd to “give him a chance,” didn’t ultimately prevent the impatient crowd from booing him off the stage.

 If the not-so-funny man didn’t elevate the mood of the audience, surely the appearance of his two “goddesses” would… especially if the two women engaged in a long, sensuous lip lock.  Charlie… that is so last year!  Fail #2.

 Nearly an hour after the scheduled start time, the Malibu Messiah finally took the stage and bored the crowd with a series of video clips and a disjointed monologue behind a presidential styled podium.  At one point, Charlie summed up his sentiment in response to a heckler, “I already got your money, dude.”

 What started out as a promising extravaganza of laughter and good times end up in boredom, booing and early exits.  Fail #3.

 How did we get to this point?  Exactly what were the virtuous acts performed by this celebrity that garnered him all the headlines, news segments, water cooler discussions and attention from virtually every pundit known to man?  To name a few… illegal drugs, prostitutes, domestic violence, sexual immorality, vandalism, a pink slip from his boss, followed by a series of highly publicized and incoherent ramblings of twisted, narcissistic philosophy.

 Charlie Sheen parlayed this body of work into a number of sold out shows and millions of dollars in his wallet.  What would motivate the masses to pay good money to see this?  Genuine admiration?  A raw lust for entertainment regardless of the source?  Or is it the base desire for a ringside seat to human destruction?

 Whatever the reason, many have signed on to view the circus and you have to ask the question, “What kind of message does this send to the rest of the world?”  More importantly, what message does it send to our children? 

 In our quest for political correctness and a nonjudgmental attitude, we have performed a great disservice to our youth by looking away when we witness such vile behavior.  We have been told to tolerate and we behaved.  At some point, we graduated from tolerance to acceptance.  And finally, we have settled on the promotion of such lifestyles. 

 I vote for a little straight talk.  Charlie Sheen is not to be admired, envied or applauded.  He is to be called out, reprimanded and prayed for.  It is time to speak clearly, openly, truthfully and strategically and call him what he is… a degenerate.

 Trust me… Charlie Sheen is not WINNING!  He is disintegrating… duh!

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