imageProspective presidential candidate, former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, has been in Iowa this week.  On Monday the announced on Jan Mickelson’s show on WHO Radio the formation of his presidential exploratory committee.  On Wednesday he met with members of American Principles Project’s Iowa Advisory Board which consists of leaders from variety of social conservative organizations in the state.

Judge Moore answered a variety of questions about education, incrementalism as applied to our late-term abortion debate, right to work, foreign policy among other issues.  Personally, one thing I appreciated with Judge Moore was that the basis for his positions and decisions would be his faith, but also the Constitution.  He said, “I would go by the Constitution no matter how I felt.”

He said that our rights are from God, and bemoaned those (most recently Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan) who don’t understand that.  He is against federal involvement in education and in favor of a National Right to Work amendment as he doesn’t believe anyone should be forced to join a union.  Regarding incrementailism, he doesn’t want to be labeled a incrementalist, but said he would treat policies and decisions that impacted inalienable rights differently than he would other issues.

He was adamant about not involving our military in conflicts without a formal declaration of war, unless there was an immediate threat to our national security.  He said Libya doesn’t meet up with that, and neither does our involvement in Afghanistan.  He said, "how can we pretend to protect Afghanistan’s borders when we can’t protect our own?”  He explained, “we can’t be the police power for the world.”  In Afghanistan he said we either need to have an orderly withdrawal or Congress needs to declare war.

He agreed for the meeting to be on the record and for it to be recorded so you can watch the video of the meeting below.

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