Protest Sign: Mike, Tell Us Today or Get out the Way (Love, Mitt and Sarah)
Romney and Palin Supporters Protest
I’m not sure what opponents of Mike Huckabee want him to do.  Lie and tell former staff members that he has already decided to run for president, but that they are to be quiet and not tell anybody so that he doesn’t get fired from Fox News?   Lie and tell former staff members he has decided not to run, but that they should keep quiet about that, too?    Do they want him to decide to get in this week and actually be the first serious candidate to announce, and thereby lose his gigs on Fox News and ABC Radio?  More viewers and listeners are exposed to Governor Huckabee in one week in these forums than all of the other potential candidates have gotten in all of their campaign appearances so far this year combined.

What is particularly funny is to hear this “advising” from supporters of Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney.   I think those two “candidates” have visited Iowa a total of about 3 times between the two of them since the 2008 election.  And while their supporters have admitted they must compete in Iowa, nobody has advised them that the approach they’ve taken has been “horrible” and an “incredibly bad move”.

If Huckabee continues to poll well, it will not be difficult to find experienced staff in Iowa and elsewhere to help him organize once he gets in.  I think the insider mentality, believing that only certain people like Wes Enos or I’ve-Forgotten-His-Name can help run a campaign, is really what the Tea Party movement is out to oppose.  It is not the staff that runs the campaign, it is the candidate.  If he runs, Huckabee has shown he knows how to campaign.   And THAT is what his opponents worry about most – not that he will not get in soon enough, it is that he will get in at just the right moment.

Someone has said, that if Huckabee is not in a debate, it is not debate.  That, of course, is an exaggeration.   But did anybody else notice how the Ronald Reagan Library debate was moved from May to September?  Is it any coincidence that the debate will be held after Huckabee announces?

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  1. Actually Aubrie Johnson was on staff as well.

    I get your point, my point is that the pool is shrinking. David and I had a conversation this morning, and the same goes for Sarah Palin or any other candidate who would get in as late as Huckabee is talking getting in – if he does at all.

    Your statement about The FAMiLY Leader – “I would not argue with this except for the fact that THE FAMiLY LEADER is building a network in all 99 counties in Iowa as we speak which will be ready to rock-n-roll for whomever they choose to endorse. No campaign building required…just add water and mix.”

    Umm… their effectiveness has been when they surround an issue. Don’t assume it will be with a candidate. There are plenty of candidates who will attract an evangelical vote. Also going to do meetings in a variety of counties doesn’t mean you’ve got a grassroots network going. It certainly helps, but don’t think this will translate into an army of volunteers. There could be plenty of people who are behind them on the issues (like I am), but may or may not favor their choice of an endorsement – if they endorse at all.

    Regarding campaign building… any candidate that depends on an organization to do it for them is sunk.

  2. Guys, seriously? Does that really look like a group of “Romney and Palin supporters”? Might want to look a little more carefully at those signs.

    Does the author really believe that is an accurate representation of this group of protestors, or Is this post meant to be pure propaganda? It is unbelievably misleading.

    Shane, I’m surprised you allowed this on your website.

      1. Ya think? Was the title of the post “computer-generated” too? Maybe I just don’t have a sense of humor.

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