Why didn’t the mainstream media investigate this during the election? (Silly me, that would have meant they would have actually had to vet the candidate)  CNN had a good piece out today which conclusively proves that, yes, President Barack Obama was indeed born in Hawaii.  This was something that could have been put to bed immediately and President Obama would not have been dogged with these types of questions since.  It’s unfortunate as well that the President’s campaign was initially elusive on the matter.  So the combination of the mainstream media’s lack of coverage and the campaign’s handling is a recipe for a good conspiracy.

Yes some people are going to believe what they want to believe still, but for those who aren’t sure what CNN uncovers should be convincing.

For the record, I never believed that he wasn’t a natural born citizen, but feel anyone running for that office should at minimum prove that they’re constitutionally eligible – regardless of party.  It should be a no brainer (kind of like having to show a photo ID of some sort before you vote… but I digress).

So to my fellow Republicans (and Democrats – the original lawsuit was filed by a Democrat) can we dispense with this and campaign on issues?  This topic (and others like it) was a nonstarter to begin with.

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  1. “…can we dispense with this and campaign on issues?”

    Yes, please! But the past few years has told me that there will always be conspiracy theories…

  2. “…can we dispense with this and campaign on issues?”

    Yes, please! But the past few years has told me that there will always be conspiracy theories…

    1. I guess you call this a conspiracy theory, but it not in the catagory of ” we didn’t land on the moon” or G Bush was behind the “911” attacks. This is an issue more of how the press hides things for him or how parts of his life are secret and no one is allowed to ask about them, and if they do they are a racist or a right wing nut.

  3. Shane, unlike you I’ve NEVER believed he is a natural born citizen! It’s simple if he has nothing to hide,
    why is Obama hiding his birth certificate? This president along with the help of the media, covers up and hides everything this man does. This president has an agenda, and that agenda is to destroy the America most of us love, know and grew up in! This President is the king of backroom deals and dirty politics.

      1. Whether or not he was born in Hawaii is not the whole issue. We need the long-form birth certificate to determine whether he meets the qualifications to be POTUS. He needs to release that document along with his school records. It would also be nice to know why he has Connecticut SS# if he was, indeed, born in Hawaii.

      2. Other Presidents did not release school records/college transcripts. But if enough people push, I think he should give people what they are demanding. It’s the American way. But we have the responsibility to be reasonable about it as well.

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