donaldtrumpGee shocker… Public Policy Polling shows that sanity has been restored among Republicans as it looked earlier that Armageddon was upon us.  But we have been pulled back from the precipice.  The latest PPP poll shows:

Donald Trump has had one of the quickest rises and falls in the history of Presidential politics. Last month we found him leading the Republican field with 26%. In the space of just four weeks he’s dropped all the way down to 8%, putting him in a tie for fifth place with Ron Paul.

Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney are at the top of the GOP race with 19% and 18% respectively. Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin are further back at 13% and 12%, followed by Trump and Paul at 8%, Michele Bachmann at 7%, and Tim Pawlenty at 5%.

As Trump got more and more exposure over the last month Republicans didn’t just decide they weren’t interested in having him as their nominee- they also decided they flat don’t like him. Only 34% of GOP voters now have a favorable opinion of Trump to 53% who view him in a negative light.

I think people woke up to the fact that he believed and behaved no different that a Democrat.  So his rise and deflation in the polls happens a month out from Donald Trump coming out for the Iowa GOP Lincoln Day Dinner.  Maybe he’ll treat us to a few F-bombs.  That would be just *awesome*.

  1. The Donald was on TV the other day saying he has ruled out running a 3rd party campaign, and sounded very much like he wasn’t going to run at all. He did say that he would throw his support to Chris Christie. Christie is again at the top of the rotation among the Anyone But Palin crowd, last week it was Daniels’ turn at the top of that list. To see Palin in a statistical dead heat for 3rd place without having even campaigning is a good sign. Just imagine where her numbers will be when she rolls out a high tech, social networking campaign, packed with maximum capacity crowds everywhere she goes.

    It will be interesting to see what kind of crowd Trump gets at the Lincoln Day Dinner. I read that the organizer was predicting a larger crowd than Palin had, but given these new numbers, that will probably not happen.

    It’s good to see that republicans are waking up to the fact that Trump is nothing but a liberal in conservative clothing. His past support for national health care, his contributions to Rom Emanuel, Rangle, Reid, and other top democrats, as well has his recent support for the Northeast RINO Christie says it all about Trump.

  2. Trump’s language turned off a lot of people, showing his lack of respect for the office of President. Even though Trump is better than Obama, it is Huck’s race to lose.

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