bachmann-cpc-iowaHere’s this week’s five items of interest (for me anyway, I hope you too!).

1.  Bachmann’s Blunder:  I didn’t provide any commentary on Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s non-appearance at the Polk County Republicans’ Robb Kelly Dinner on Thursday.  While I don’t believe it put her campaign in a fatal tailspin like some believe, It was a disaster of her own making.  She put the Polk County Republican Party in an awkward position with people shelling out $75 to watch a video screen.  While yes, voting on the extension of the Patriot Act is important, people would be more understanding if the vote was even close.  If you’re interested in running for President, and you have made a commitment to speak you need to honor your commitment – period.  A line I heard that evening from a couple of people – “Bachmann ‘Trumped’ us.”

Team Bachmann also reserved three tables which cost $750 a pop, and never paid for them.  Perhaps a check is in the mail?  Then it would have been better for her to do nothing than give a video appearance via Skype.  It cut out, and she was frankly – boring and it sounded un-Presidential.  When she discussed the Patriot Act it was unbelievable that part of her rationale for voting yes on the extensions is because Congressman Steve King (R-IA) said it was ok.  Really?  She said it satisfied the requirements of the 4th Amendment, but didn’t explain how it did so – other than it had the Congressman King stamp of approval.  It pains me to say because I really do like the Congresswoman – she really screwed up.  Even though she imagesays she is announcing her 2012 intention in Waterloo sometime in June, are these the actions of someone who is serious about running for President?

2. Palin’s East Coast Bus Tour:  Ok as if I needed more convincing that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is actually going to run, she planned a “One Nation” bus tour starting this weekend that will end in New Hampshire. Hmmm… what’s significant about New Hampshire?  Maybe my new friends there can clue us in.  It is impressive that this was planned without even a whisper ahead of time.  She’s definitely getting mobilized.  Below is a tour preview video SarahPAC released yesterday.  Oh I’d be remiss not to point your attention to a bus tour in Iowa coordinated by the Iowa Tea Party in cooperation with American Principles Project.  Be sure to sign-up for updates.  Different prospective 2012 Presidential Candidates have candidates have committed to be on the bus.  Hopefully Palin will be one of them.

3. The latest Gallup Poll of the prospective 2012 Republican field:

  • Mitt Romney                 17%
  • Sarah Palin                  15%
  • Ron Paul                      10%
  • Newt Gingrich                 9%
  • Herman Cain                  8%
  • Tim Pawlenty                  6%
  • Michele Bachmann         5%
  • Jon Huntsman                 2%
  • Gary Johnson                 2%
  • Rick Santorum                2%
  • Mike Huckabee               1%  (Volunteered)
  • Other                              2%
  • No Opinion                     22%

This polling was done on May 20-24th (HT: Andrew Malcolm)

A few thoughts – this is a wide open race with 22% undecided.  Ron Paul can actually point to a scientific poll where he has traction.  Having 10% in this field of candidates is significant.  Herman Cain should now be considered a serious candidate.  Why do some think Pawlenty is the frontrunner when he’s polling at 6%?  Rick Santorum just doesn’t seem to be picking up steam.  Palin looks strong at 15% (within the margin of error) without actually doing any campaigning yet.  Newt Gingrich should be thankful he’s still in fourth place after his rocky start.  Mitt Romney’s lead will dissipate when we start to have attrition in the field.   Diehard Huckabee fans just can’t let it go, he’s not running folks.

image4.  What’s Wrong With Barnes & Noble?

Perhaps they shouldn’t put “love and sex” items next to the kids books.  At least they do in an Omaha, NE store.  My friend Angela Stevens has taken up the crusade to force them to exercise a little common sense.  Anybody else experience a Barnes & Noble store that does this?  Photographic evidence from Omaha’s Crossroads Mall on the left.

5.  Panderer-in-Chief: Former Governor Mitt Romney said in his first appearance in Iowa in 18 months (which sadly I was unable to attend) that “it’s good to be home.”  I think I threw up in my mouth a little reading that.  While I’m glad he says he’s going to be present out here, but come on.  Then he’s taking the opposite approach than Tim Pawlenty by saying ethanol subsidies are good.  I wonder if somebody burnt the popcorn on purpose just to get him to finish early.

Bachmann Photo by Dave Davidson

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    1. I can’t personally testify that they do, but if you check out Angela’s post (linked) it does seem like there are and that some of the titles are very suggestive.

  1. I really don’t have a problem with Bachmann having to cancel her appearance at the Polk GOP Dinner. Let’s face it folks. She is a sitting member of the US House of Representatives. Her job is to be present in Congress to take part in the governing of our nation. He job is not to come to Des Moines to coddle a bunch of spoiled and evidently ignorant activists. To those within the Polk County GOP that are offended by this, grow up. You are not the center of the universe. 

    1. Al, it’s the risk you run if you are running for President.  She will have to decide, and she will have to miss some votes.  If the vote was going to be close I would completely understand, but I think Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) could have given her an indication of the vote tally.

      I wasn’t offended by her missing (I am on the central committee), but then again I was there as media and didn’t purchase a ticket.  I think stiffing the party $2250 was in poor taste as well, hopefully she’ll at least send them a check.  I’m of the mindset that you honor your commitments, and she didn’t.

      Telling those who disagree with you to grow up is a crappy debate tactic by the way.  This isn’t a matter of maturity, it’s a matter of believing people should keep their word.  While I’m not going to say everybody was offended, I would say your carte blanche view of “not having a problem” is likely a minority view.

      That said, I don’t think it destroyed her campaign, but she did damage her reputation.

      1. I understand what you are saying Shane. 

        With that said however, I feel that it is immature for those in attendance to be upset that she fulfilled her obligation to her constituents. 

        What does offend me is the idea that Bachmann dissed Iowa. It sends the wrong impression that Iowan’s are spoiled. That we feel that we should be given preferential treatment. 

  2. Concerning Bachmann, I agree that you don’t promise to attend an event and then back out.  She could have said, “I hope to attend, but if a pressing Congressional matter comes up, that could interfere.”  Is that how she framed her planned appearance, or did she make it sound definite?  And did she offer a profuse apology?

    If she doesn’t pony up the $2,250 at least, then I would never vote for her.  I don’t blame all those folks who are steamed.

    That doesn’t surprise me about Barnes & Noble.  They, like Borders, carry a large selection of pornographic magazines, IIRC.  I won’t ever shop at a bookstore like that.  Whenever I order books, I do so online, and I try to pick a store that specializes in certain books and doesn’t carry any material that is offensive.  It can be a bit of trouble, but definitely worth it IMO.  If enough of us stay away from stores like B&N, maybe they’ll consider changing their tune.

  3. Bachmann has been everywhere over the last several months, and manages to be on TV several times a week.  It’s hard to believe she hasn’t missed any votes.  She probably would have been better off not voting for that extension than to vote for it, and make a complete fool of herself trying to explain why she did so.

    Palin buys new home in lower 48, a feature length documentary about her will be released in IA, hires new foreign policy advisor, and additional staffers, she’s attending Rolling Thunder, and going on a weeks long nationwide bus tour, along with her regular thrashing of 0bama’s “policies” on a regular basis.  I’d say that is a pretty good indication that she’s running, despite the fact that Romney and Pawlenty people claiming otherwise.

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