He Has Decided.

The time for speculation is about to intensify: for about 27 hours! Then it will be all over but the shoutin’. Governor Mike Huckabee has made up his mind. He will announce tomorrow night whether he is running for president of the United States. His family knows. Nobody else does.

Millions may be disappointed. If he runs, all those supporters of Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and Tim Pawlenty who had hoped for a much easier ride to the White House may just leave the country. They staked all their hopes in their own confidence “The Huck” wasn’t running. Now what will they talk and write about?

Of course, some of us will be disappointed if he does not run. But most of us never claimed with any certainty that he was running. We’ve been mostly talking about his leadership, and how he would stand head and shoulders over many of the other candidates. Unlike those fools who claim to be Republicans but said they would rather vote for Obama than Huckabee, we will find another candidate to support, if need be.

If he doesn’t run, he will likely be heavily lobbied for his endorsement, though most of us supporters, unlike the caricature, are quite able to make up our own minds.

If he runs, he will have none of the disadvantages that all those who knew better than the candidate himself claimed. He has got plenty of time, will raise plenty of money, and will attract all the staff he needs to run an effective campaign. And he will back to Iowa.

God’s people will be fine. We know that it is God who sets up kings and puts them down again. Our world will not be broken if he runs, nor will we fantasize about a perfect world should he run.

More important than finding out who shot “JR” or watching the last episode of M*A*S*H,

we will sit back, relax and watch the announcement for ourselves on Fox News at 7 pm Central Time, tomorrow night.


(and maybe do the Jig!)

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