Lets be pragmatic so we can be pragmatic because it’s the pragmatic thing to do. It’s what all the cool kids are doing. It’s what all the cool kids have been doing since the 1940s. After all, utilitarianism is king. Pragmatic utilitarianism (a redundancy) is the golden calf at whose altar we all need to bow down and worship. We all have to go along so that we get along. There is no right except for that which the majority of the people accept, so we need to quit holding values that are not majority positions.


We can stand up for our principles. We can be heard. We can take a stand for what’s right; take a chance and stand for principle instead of bowing to outside pressure. What is right is right and it doesn’t matter if you’re the only person in the world standing up for what is right. As my byline says, I would rather be right than popular. And it’s more than a cliche I coined. It’s my way of life. Principles before hedonistic desires. Rejecting the leftist “values clarification” scheme, which is nothing more than values modification, an intentional degradation of morality and elimination of rock-solid principles.

For too long, the Left in the press, in government, in academia have been destroying ethics of principle and replacing them with licentiousness. For too long, the Ruling Class Republicans have been going along to get along as the nation shifts ever leftward, away from what is right and true and proper and towards what feels good today — always forgetting about tomorrow’s consequences. For too long, the RCRs have been telling us we cannot win without them, ignoring the fact they’re playing the gracious loser role.

It’s time for some serious Tough Love. It’s time to tell the pragmatic gracious losers that they cannot win without us and we’re no longer going to go along to get along. It’s time to take Principled stands against the cowardly moral relativists and rescue our country and our values from certain demise. That’s what the TEA Party movement is about. That’s what Glenn Beck’s 912 Project and “We Surround Them” are all about.

If I have a choice between a pro-abort Democrat and a pro-abort Republican, the pragmatists who are pragmatically pragmatic in their pragmatic desires to be pragmatic will tell me the only right choice is the pragmatic choice to pragmatically vote for the pragmatic RCR. Hogwash. I’ll vote 3rd Party. “Oh, but your 3rd Party vote is just a vote for the Democrats.” NO. It isn’t. If I have a choice between a Democrat working hard to send us rocketing toward bankrupt Big Government Central Planning Socialism and a pragmatic RCR who is working to send us more slowly in the same direction, I’ll vote 3rd Party. “Oh, but your 3rd Party vote is just a vote for the Democrats.” NO. It isn’t.

If I have to vote 3rd Party for the next 10 election cycles, I will. Because Principles aren’t principles if they’re so easily sacrificed. They’re desires. Actually worse, they’re dreams not acted upon. But the pragmatically pragmatic people who pragmatically endorse pragmatism for pragmatic reasons will pout and throw temper tantrums if I declare my Principled Tough Love position. Let them pout. Let them throw their temper tantrums. Let them stomp their feet and kick wildly at the air. Forget them.

Here’s the thing about pragmatically pragmatic Republicans: If enough people of principle actually stand up to be heard, and vocalize it (such as writing a political blog, commenting on political blogs, going to TEA Party events) then the pragmatically pragmatic Republicans will start to realize they actually cannot win without us and they will change their positions and actions to fit our Principles. And the RCRs will throw their tantrums and work like the devil to maintain control, to maintain their status as Second Class Central Planners, as they are thrown out of office one by one and a new class of Republican, a Principled class, takes hold.

And that’s the whole thing. Be very willing and able to use your nuclear weapons, as Reagan was, and your foes will surrender, as The Iron Curtain did. The 912 Project and the TEA Party movement are nothing more than an awakened people, a people realizing they are, indeed, not alone, who have decided to — finally — take a stand and say “This far and no further!”

If you take a stand on principle; if you decide you would rather be right than popular; if you don’t bow down to the utilitarian golden calf; if you do this, you will find you are indeed not alone and you and all like-minded Principled people will make a difference. We can win this war (and it is a war) for the soul of this great nation. Pragmatically Pragmatic Republicans be damned.

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