Things Robert Reich does not understand:

The TEA Party movement
Tax history
Regulatory history
That Big Business in bed with Big Government is Crony Capitalism and not Free Market
That our debt and deficit problems are spending problems and not revenue problems

What Robert Reich pushes:

Class Envy (which is a sin)
TEA Partiers are fake
TEA Partiers are real but they’re evil and insane
Conservatives want to hurt grandma and sick people
Only insane people don’t want to raise taxes and the debt limit

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Robert Reich starts out with the same old false premises and Big Government memes as all Leftists and Big Government Republicans have been pushing for decades.

Who’s more influential in the Republican Party – the so-called Tea Party or Wall Street and big business?

There’s the “TEA Party is fake” attack. And there’s the false premise that Wall Street and Big Business is Republican. Let’s see how Republican Big Business is, shall we?

AT&T has given 45 percent toward Democrats and 54 percent toward Republicans.

UPS has given 37 percent toward Democrats and 62 percent toward Republicans.

Goldman Sachs, that huge “evil” investment firm, has given 60 percent toward Democrats and 39 percent toward Republicans.

Lockheed Martin, that huge “evil” military industrial firm, has given 44 percent toward Democrats and 55 percent toward Republicans.

Citigroup, another huge “evil” banking/investment firm, has given 46 percent toward Democrats and 52 percent toward Republicans.

National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (guess what they do) has given 42 percent toward Democrats and 57 percent toward Republicans.

GE, that monstrosity of Big Business in bed with Big Government, has given 48 percent toward Democrats and 51 percent toward Republicans. And, oh look! GE was massively in favor of Democrats in 2008 and 2010! Imagine that. Oh, by the way, until recently GE owned that radical Leftist MSNBC. And the head of GE got a sweetheart position in the Obama Administration (a position that didn’t need Senate clearance as the Constitution prescribes).

AFLAC, Bank of America, Ernst and Young, JP Morgan Chase, Boeing, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, Northrup Grumman, Bell South, Anheuser Busch, General Dynamics, Honeywell International, Raytheon, Securities Industry and Financial Market Association, Credit Suisse Group all gave more than 40 percent of their political campaign money toward Democrats.

AIG, Prudential Financial, New York Life, Comcast, Met Life gave 50 percent or more to Democrats while Walt Disney, American Crystal Sugar, Time Warner gave more than 60 percent to Democrats.

That’s not a list of Republican Base Businesses at all. That’s a list of Big Government-friendly Big Businesses that are pushing their weight around so they can get special favors and special carve-outs as Big Government kills their small-business competition. Lest you forget, many Republicans are RCRs (Ruling Class Republicans) who want nothing less than Central Planning just like the Democrats but on, maybe (just maybe), a smaller scale.

In contrast to the rather balanced approach to Government Official Buying the Crony Capitalists use, take a look at the Union approach to Government Official Buying. You won’t find a single Union among the top 140 contributors that is less than 70 percent Democrat and the vast majority are easily over 90 percent Democrat.

So, Robert Reich’s meme that Big Business is Republican Country is absolutely a false premise. And it’s so easily found out, that the only reason Robert Reich would even posit it as a claim is because he depends on his readers being low-information voters. Thus, Robert Reich’s absolute dishonesty. Or he could claim to be an idiot and a fool, but that wouldn’t go over so well. Reich wants to point to AIG as a Republican business Big Government bailed out? AIG’s history shows it favors Democrats! Reich wants to point to GM as a Republican business Big Government bailed out? Obama violated Federal bankruptcy law to shaft its first-in-line creditors and force the ceding of control to Socialist Big Government and a Socialist Union! That’s not a bailout. That’s a hostile takeover, done illegally — by Big Socialist Government.

In short, Wall Street, Big Business, the financial sector are not Republican spheres. They are absolutely not Conservative spheres. They are Big Government spheres. They are “buy your government” spheres. They are the antithesis of “government by the consent of the governed.”

Back to Reich’s tripe. Reich references Treasury Secretary and tax cheat Tim Geithner as if he carries any weight regarding taxes, debt or whatever else in Reich’s and the Socialist government’s attack on Conservatives. Then Reich goes into his scare tactics. Old people won’t get their Social Security checks! Old people won’t be able to get their medical care! Oh, the humanity! We have to let the irresponsible spenders continue spending irresponsibly or old people are going to starve and die and not have their pills and not get their medical care! Oh, here’s a thought! Those evil TEA Partiers will cause our military to not get paid! Oh my gosh, those evil TEA Partiers are so eeeeeeevil!

Seniors expecting Social Security and Medicare checks will be in for a rude surprise, as will military personnel and other government workers expecting to be fully paid.

Here’s a clue for you, Robert Reich: Revenue doesn’t stop rolling in. Basic necessities, such as covering debt payments, payments to the old, military salaries, can be easily covered from the continued revenue stream. But the Statists and Socialists (RCRs and Democrats) need to scare people into believing that’s the only possible outcome. That the Democrats and Statist Republicans would shut off Constitutionally mandated expenses and expenses to the old and infirm just to keep the spigot open for their bullet train headlong rush into the abyss of national bankruptcy is disgusting at all levels.

Tea Party Republicans – including all of those elected to the House last year plus incumbents fearing primary fights with Tea Partiers – say they won’t raise the debt limit unless Democrats agree to their demands. Tea Partiers want huge spending cuts. They propose turning Medicare into vouchers and turning Medicaid over to the states. And they refuse to consider any tax increases, including tax increases on the super-rich. To the contrary, they intend to cut taxes on the wealthy.

Oh, so now the TEA Party is real when before it was only supposedly real? Robert Reich can’t keep his memes straight to save his soul. But that’s because he has an agenda — a Big Government Socialist agenda. Earth to Robert Reich: 2010 saw the governed — you know, those that the Founders said government needs the consent of — tell Big Government “this far and no further!” In fact, the governed said they want to take their country back from the Ruling Class and put it back in the hands of the governed as the Founders and Framers required.

What’s wrong with turning Medicaid over to the States? That would eliminate an entire level (or three) of bureaucracy and colander-style money-siphoning and make Medicaid much more efficient. That would eliminate “one size fits all” Big Government, Central Government control and move Medicaid control closer to We the People, whose government is supposed to be by “the consent of the governed” instead of leaving it in the hands of Soviet-style Central Planners who are not subject to the will of the governed; who can run roughshod over the governed and ignore demands for their consent. Is Robert Reich, a Big Government Socialist, afraid of allowing the governed a voice in how they’re governed? Why, yes he is.

What’s wrong with providing vouchers for Medicare? (Other than the fact Medicare itself is unconstitutional, of course.) Can Robert Reich name a single government entity that is more fiscally efficient than the private sector? Even one? No, he cannot. Because government, by its own nature, is grossly inefficient and cumbersome, unlike svelt, streamlined private enterprise.

And about that Social Security thing. Chile proved privatizing that is a huge win-win-win for the people.

First, Chile’s policies for long-term growth were put into effect in the 1980s by the group of Milton Friedman-inspired economists known as the Chicago Boys.

Under them, Chile’s pension privatization cost nothing and left the country with no net debt. The private funds now hold assets worth 90% of GNP ($185 billion) — capital used to develop the country. Already, Chile’s education and infrastructure are the best in Latin America as a result.

Privatizing Chile’s version of Social Security cost the government nothing and made the retirement fund’s value to be approaching the value of its GNP, which is, in turn, re-invested in improving Chile’s potential GNP growth. Imagine that, a retirement plan that advances economic growth instead of siphons off of it. How radical. How novel. How anti-Socialist. How anti-Social Security. But it’s terrible for the old people who are suffering and dying under the rejection of Keynesian Big Government, right? Well…

Instead of paying a 12.4% Social Security tax as we do here, Chilean workers must pay in 10% of their wages (they can send up to 20%) to one of several conservatively managed and regulated pension funds. From the accumulated savings, they get a life annuity or make programmed withdrawals (inheriting any funds left over).

Over the last three decades these accounts have averaged annual returns of 9.23% above inflation. By contrast, U.S. Social Security pays a 1% to 2% (theoretical) return, and even less for new workers.

Look at that! Privatizing Social Security caused Chileans to have an immensely greater return on investment than the US Socialized Retirement Plan, kept that investment actually invested in economic improvement which increased their invested worth, and left their retirement-plan money available for inheritance. And it didn’t cost the government one red cent. And Chile is exploding, economically. The US plan? There is almost no noticeable return on investment (and will be severely negative in the very near future if not already), is a huge cost siphon for the US government (as all Ponzi schemes become to the bearers of the notes), and sucks massive MASSIVE amounts of cash out of the private sector, killing economic growth.

This is definite evidence Robert Reich is a complete idiot regarding economic issues. (Which is more charitable? That he’s a complete idiot regarding economic issues or that he knows full well about the economic issues but is pushing a Big Government, Socialist Government plan that will destroy the US and the American way of life? Because it’s one or the other. Or a combination of both: He’s an economic idiot that is pushing for the destruction of the US and the American way of life.)

Back to Reich’s propagandistic drivel.

Wall Street and big business know these conditions are unacceptable to the White House and congressional Democrats – and much of the rest of the country. So the Street and big business are quietly trying to push the Tea Partiers in the House to moderate their hard-line demands.

As I already proved, “Wall Street and Big Business” is decidedly not Republican and definitely not Conservative. “Wall Street and Big Business” is chock full of opportunity sharks, desirous of nothing less than Crony Capitalism and bought politicians and other bought government officials. But Reich continues his meme that Wall Street and Big Business are Republican (and, by congruence easily disproven, Conservative). Wall Street and Big Business want to have Big Government. Wall Street and Big Business like the over-regulation and Soviet-style Central Planning. Because Wall Street and Big Business can regulate away all their competition and get some carve-outs for themselves. It’s a big win for Big Business Crony Capitalism and a win for Big Soviet-style Central Planning Government. At the cost of the utter demise of the US and the American way of life, as set out by the Founders and the Framers.

Robert Reich gets stupid silly.

But Tea Partiers couldn’t care less about the debt limit. To them, the debt limit is a giant bargaining chip to get their demands met. They’re not worried about global credit markets. If the full faith and credit of the U.S. government is jeopardized, so much the better.

Tea Partiers hate government more than they hate the national debt. Their real aim is to shrink the government. That’s why they refuse to reduce that debt with tax increases, even with tax increases on the wealthy. A tax increase doesn’t reduce the size of government.

I’m not going to bother researching how many logic fallacies and Socialist memes Reich used there. It’d take too long. Reich depends on emotionalism and a dearth of logical thinking skills among the whole of his readers for them to swallow whole what he writes. Or, Reich is a complete blithering idiot and actually believes what he writes. Which option is the more charitable? Because there is no third option, other than a combination of the two: Reich is a blithering idiot who lies like a dog.

But note that Reich introduced the Class Envy (which is a sin and a specific violation of one of the Ten Commandments) card. Tax the “super rich” to fix all our problems. (Never mind that confiscating the entire wealth of all America’s billionaires wouldn’t cover this year’s deficit spending and would eliminate millions of jobs.)

Tough Love is a foreign concept to Socialist Central Planners like Robert Reich. Do we care about the debt limit? Of course we do. If we increase the limit on Junior’s credit card just because Junior is reaching the limit, we enable and empower Junior to keep spending like a drunken sailor with absolutely no responsibility for his out-of-control spending. If we cut Junior off, taking away his credit card, Junior will throw a tantrum. But Junior will no longer be able to irresponsibly spend money Junior doesn’t have. Junior will have to finally take responsibility for his spending and budget far more wisely than he had previously. And maybe, just maybe, Junior will grow up to become an adult.

“Tea Partiers hate government more than they hate the national debt. Their real aim is to shrink the government. That’s why they refuse to reduce that debt with tax increases, even with tax increases on the wealthy.”

And there’s that typical Soviet-style Socialist Big Government Class Envy (which is a sin) canard. There’s that refusal to see the debt problem as an out-of-control spending problem instead of a revenue problem. There’s that economic imbecility. Increasing the taxes on the job creators prevents the job creators from creating jobs. And if those job creators cannot create jobs, people who depend on job creators for their sustenance will no longer have that sustenance upon which they depend on those job creators. Increasing taxes on the “super rich,” which is a classic Socialist, Leftist, Central Government Class Envy (which is a sin) emotional tactic, destroys job opportunities for the “not rich” such as the impoverished, the working poor, the middle class. It also destroys revenue streams upon which the government is dependent.

The Depression of 1920, which is ignored by anyone to the left of, say, “sane people,” to borrow Robert Reich’s own rhetoric fallacy, was ended by a governmental tax reduction on everyone, especially the “super rich,” in combination with a major governmental austerity program and a relaxing of over-regulation. In contrast, the Great Depression, presided over by radical Leftist (Socialist) Big Government power-hungry types (such as FDR), was hyper-extended and hyper-deepened by the very aims, goals, and activities the current crop of Leftists and Big Government Republicans are employing.

A major tax cut and a major government spending cut ended the 1920 Depression almost before it started. Warren Harding and his successor Calvin Coolidge are dragged over the coals by the Leftist revisionist historians. But they brought the US out of Depression. FDR, on the other hand, hyper-extended the Great Depression far beyond which was necessary if the government had kept out of the way. It was FDR’s meddling and Soviet-style Central Planning Socialist Big Government agenda that kept the US down. A pair of UCLA economists showed very clearly, before the Socialist Barack Obama took office, that the US would not face another Great Depression unless our government repeated FDR’s agenda. And FDR’s socialism is still crippling us today.

And look. Our “Great Recession” is continuing apace, with all those supposedly brilliant Keynesian economists being caught off-guard by actual results of Obama and the Democrats and the RCRs activities (which FDR already did and the UCLA economists said were the cause of a 7-year extension of the Great Depression). Month after month, from year to year, the Unemployment figures are “unexpected” by the “expert” Keynesian economists. Month after month, from year to year, the Housing Starts and Housing Sales figures fall “unexpectedly” according to the “expert” Keynesian economists. And the beat goes on.

Harding’s and Coolidge’s tax cuts on the wealthy not only produced a massive economic expansion that created the Roaring 20s but also produced a massive increase in government tax revenues. That is an undeniable fact, as Glen Abel skillfully shows.

President Harding pushed hard for his program and got it passed by Congress in 1921. By late 1922, the economy began to turn around. Harding did not live to see it, but his normalcy program proved to be the foundation that Coolidge prosperity was built on. Harding’s successor, Calvin Coolidge had the wisdom to stay the course and build on Harding’s program. The American people were the beneficiaries of the unprecedented prosperity of the 1920’s. Unemployment was pared from its high in 1921 of 20% to an average of 3.3% for the remainder of the decade. The misery index which is a combination of unemployment and inflation had its sharpest decline in U.S. history under President Harding. The Gross National Product averaged 7% from 1924 to 1929. Wages, profits, and productivity all made substantial gains during the 1920’s. Harding slashed federal spending by two billion from Wilson’s last year and Coolidge maintained that spending level of 3.3 billion per year for the rest of the decade. The Harding-Coolidge tax cuts produced increased revenue that went to cut the national debt left by Wilson by one-third.

The 1920’s saw the tax burden of middle Americans decrease while most lower income Americans were relieved of their tax burden altogether. By 1930, their was a sharp increase in the number of Americans who could afford what were then middle class luxuries such as ranges, ice boxes, radios, vacuum cleaners and other household appliances. There was even an increase in the amount of time Americans found for recreation and entertainment.

Many scholars and historians blame the Harding-Coolidge economic program for the stock market crash of 1929 as well as the great depression. The stock market crash of 1929 was not the calamity Americans have been made to believe. There were no major business or bank failures resulting from the crash. The crash of 1929 occurred in October and by December of that year the economy was once again calm and remained so for the next six months. The depression did not occur because of the stock market crash. There were several errors on the part of policy makers that plunged our economy into a deep depression. The inaction on behalf of President Hoover, New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt, and the Federal Reserve Board to curb over-speculation proved very unwise. The Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930 which President Hoover supported and signed into law helped to paralyze global commerce. The huge tax increases signed into law by Presidents Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt retarded economic growth, ballooned the national debt, and sunk the nation deeper into the great depression. If Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt had moved to curb over-speculation and otherwise continued the economic policies of Harding and Coolidge, the nation may have been able to have avoided the great depression. Most certainly, the depression would not have been as deep and prolonged as it was.

Despite what our historical elite have professed to us, the economic policies promoted by Harding and Coolidge during the 1920’s created a level of prosperity our nation would not see again until the 1980’s. It is long overdue for Harding and Coolidge to receive the acclaim they deserve for rescuing America from economic depression and returning it back to normalcy.

FDR’s Socialist power-to-the-elite Soviet-style Central Planning government proved that that policy would destroy a nation. It was only World War II that prevented the total collapse of the US. The expenditure in Defense spending and the cost in lives lost kept the US afloat until after FDR’s death and a partial return to government by the consent of the people and a reduction in taxes and regulations could finally kill the Great Depression once and for all a short time after World War II was ended.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, a Democrat, with all his sexual perversion and other degradations of character, fully understood this. He himself cut taxes on the “super rich” in order to advance the economy and increase tax revenues. Carter and Nixon both raised taxes and added debilitating Central Government regulations, which stifled economic growth and threw the nation into a debilitating stagflation. Reagan dramatically cut taxes and eliminated many stifling regulations, which resulted in a huge economic explosion and a huge influx in tax revenues. Again, that cannot be denied without lying about the absolute facts.

Leftists and Socialists — which is a redundancy and the make-up of Democrat power, media, Leftist blog-sites — try to force people into buying the idea that Reagan caused a huge deficit and a huge national debt. That is a lie from the pit of Hell, dependent on the hearer not actually knowing what is written in the US Constitution and not actually knowing the political make-up of the US government in the 1980s. The US election of 1994 brought a Republican majority in the US House of Representatives for the first time since the election of 1952. (Wiki for you Leftists who love quoting and citing the Left-leaning Wiki.)

Section 7 – Revenue Bills, Legislative Process, Presidential Veto

All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.

Okay, Democrats, Leftists, Socialists, Academia, government workers, here’s a pop-quiz.
1) Who does the Constitution say decides the origination of the budgetary process and the outlays?
2) Which Party owned that group of people?
3) What was Congress’ words regarding Ronald Reagan’s budget plans each and every year he offered his plans (which was every year he was in office)?

Since Democrats, Leftists, Socialists, Academia cannot pass pop-quizzes (as evidenced by the combined total of Detroit graduation rates and Detroit graduated literacy rates) without cheat sheets, I’ll help out.
1) The US House of Representatives.
2) Democrats.
3) Dead on arrival.

Reagan’s tax cuts “on the wealthy” produced an explosion in tax revenue and an explosion in job creation and an explosion in GDP growth. The Democrat Congress’ massive spending increases vastly exceeded the tax revenue explosion. That, too, is a fact that cannot be denied unless the denier is abjectly ignorant or an abject liar or both.

Reagan’s mistake? He considered the Democrats to be honorable. He took them at their word. When they said “For every dollar you raise taxes, we’ll cut spending by three dollars,” he believed them. That was his dupe moment. The Democrats lied, as they are wont to do. Reagan agreed to raise taxes after his tax cuts. The Democrats then proceeded to raise spending instead of cutting spending as they promised. Remember this, because it is the very same promise they have been recently pushing; the very same promise they will break before they even make it. It is also histo-fact that cannot be denied unless the denier is a fool or a liar.

Again, Bush the Elder’s rejection of Reagan’s provably successful plan (the Big Government RCR attack “voodoo economics” — an economic plan that actually proved absolutely accurate) killed the rapid expansion and the freedom of We the People in favor of Central Planning. Along came Clinton who won in large measure due to Bush the Elder’s lie “read my lips” and in large measure to the 3rd Party Libertarian run of Ross Perot, who also pushed smaller government.

Now, Clinton was a massive-government, massive Central Planning type of guy. And that’s exactly what he pushed, and pushed hard. He greatly expanded the size of government and, with the aid of a Democrat Congress, greatly expanded taxes. The result: 1994 and the end of over 40 years of Democrat rule of the House. Suddenly, “the era of big government” had ended (but not really), and Clinton busily stole Republican positions, such as Welfare Reform, slowing the growth of government (but not reversing it), tax reduction, Defense repair, etc.

Along came Bush the Younger, and a Compassionate Despotism in the image of “compassionate conservatism” but having none of the markers of Conservatism. The Era of Big Government and Socialist Central Planning had returned. Had it not been for “nine eleven,” Bush would have rightfully lost his re-election bid. The lessons learned leading up to 1994 had all been forgotten. And TokyoRove (that’s Karl Rove to those who don’t know) worked hard to eliminate the Conservative base and its influence. Bush the Younger barely got elected. Bush the Younger barely got re-elected. The Statist RCR was barely more palatable than the Socialist Democrat offered up.

In comes Barack Obama, the absolutely Socialist and absolutely dirty “Chicago Machine” politician who finds no level beneath him in his narcissistic delusions of grandeur — including forcing out into the open a court-sealed divorce record, the use of criminal thugs to prevent caucus-goers from attending the caucuses, and much, much more — and suddenly, the “era of Big Government” is on steroids, speed, crack, and more! Power to the special interest Union thugs! Power to the radical outright Socialists! Power to the New Black Panthers! Power to the Black Liberation Theologists! Power to the unrepentant Weather Underground Terrorist bombers! Power to every deviant counter-culture group in America! And death to America’s long-term allies like England and Israel!

Reich wants to talk about raising the debt limit because not raising it is anti-American or some-such idiocy. What was the deficit the last time the Republicans had majority status in Congress? (You know, where the Constitution demands the budget comes from.) Was it even close to 1/5 the deficit the radical Obama and his radical Leftist Congress created? When was the last time the Democrats in Congress proposed, let alone passsed, a budget as the Constitution demands? Why is it the Democrat-controlled Senate (with Harry Reid in absolute power) even proposed a budget, as is Constitutionally demanded on an annual basis? Reich has absolutely zero room to talk about anything budgetary because his henchmen have failed in their Constitutionally required duties since at least 2009.

Back to Robert Reich’s inanity.

In truth, government has been good to Wall Street and big business. It bailed out the Street. It saved GM, Chrysler and AIG. And most government spending improves the profits of big businesses – military contractors, big agriculture, giant health care insurers, Big Pharma, large construction companies.

Look at that. More “Big Business in bed with Big Government, making Crony Capitalism, is Republican” false premises and Leftist memes. Remember, Obama violated Federal bankruptcy laws in order to takeover GM and Chrysler, giving GM to the Socialist Union and his Socialist government and selling Chrysler off to a foreign entity. Remember, AIG pumped most of their political money into Democrat coffers. Remember, “giant health care insurers” and “Big Pharma” were in bed with ObamaCare to their supposed benefit and in rejection of a clear majority of We the People who the Founders declared to be in control. “By the consent of the governed” as the Declaration of Independence declared and the Big Government Socialists such as Reich, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, RCRs rejected. Big Business is Crony Capitalism and not Free Market; thus, Big Business is absolutely not Conservative. Big Business is absolutely not the goal of the Founders or the Framers. Big Business is, in fact, anathema to the goals of the Founders and the Framers, and is the end of the Great Experiment known as the United States of America. Remember above, where I already showed Big Business is in the market of buying government officials, and not at all concerned with the “consent of the gorverned.”

Tea Partiers have almost as much contempt for big business and the Street as they do for government. After all, the Tea Party was born in anger over the Wall Street bailout.

This is the heart of the impending civil war in the GOP.

Reich has it almost figured out, except for his derisive, “better than thou” attitude. Since Big Business and Wall Street are in the political business of buying regulations which kill small businesses and carve-outs which protect their interests, Big Business is an evil to be conquered by We the People whose government is supposed to work according to “the consent of the governed.” There’s that pesky Declaration of Independence again. Something always standing in the way of the Democrats, Socialists, Obamas, Kennedys, Pelosis, Reids, Reichs of the world.

The solution to this complex problem is quite simple: Drastically reduce the size of the Central Government. Allow We the People to control the economic structure. Govern according to “the consent of the governed.” In short, actually live up to the letter and spirit of both the US Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. But that solution will never fill the needs of any Socialist, any Democrat, any in the lamestream media (triple redundancy there), any RCR. Because Socialists, Democrats, the lamestream media (triple redundancy there) and RCRs are in the business of centralizing power and taking it away from everyone else.

Reich continues with his tripe.

Why is the Tea Party winning? Wall Street and big business hold the purse strings in the GOP, but the Tea Partiers are now the ground troops. House Republicans need those ground troops to get out the vote in 2012. And they figure Wall Street and big business will stake them regardless of what happens.

Once again, I already proved, via Big Business political funding, that Big Business is not Republican. It is equal-opportunity buy-a-government-official. The RNC has seen a major short-fall in revenue geneeration because the base has rejected the RCRs. Money now goes directly to worthwhile candidates instead of the RCR machine that the RNC, the NRCC, the NRSC control. That is not changing this cycle. And I do not see it changing in the 2014 cycle, either. Big Business, and their relatively equally balanced (Democrat and Ruling Class Republican) split do not own the people We the People are backing. And that’s the major difference between today and 20th Century politics.

Robert Reich, a Clintonian massive-government, Central Government, Socialist Government, Class Warfare (which is a sin) guy, is either a pathological liar regarding economics, histo-facts, American culture, or he is abjectly ignorant of everything. Whichever you choose to believe (since he has zero facts to support him and all facts oppose him) is up to you. But either way, his goals are the antithesis of the Founders, the Framers, the success of the United States.

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