The California Legislature is still debating the “Gay Textbook” Bill, two California schools are now offering gay studies classes, and an Oakland, CA elementary school brought in a group called Gender Spectrum in order to “combat bullying.”

Reason #17659 why I homeschool.  Hello… we are not clownfish.  There are two genders… either you are a boy or you are a girl.  It is simple biology, your personal feelings about it matter not one iota.  Schools need to focus on basic skills, not social engineering.  I have to wonder if this be coming to a public school near you.  I don’t believe activities like this will be limited to California. 

The principal of the school that held the gender diversity training said that parents were informed, and only three families kept their kids out.  How many parents got the memo though?  Obviously the ones who are taking legal action against the school.   Instead of opting out, shouldn’t families have to opt in for this type of activity?

HT: NOM Blog

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