palin-Iowa-GOP-5Craig Robinson aptly notes that while former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin hasn’t been in Iowa much at all and doesn’t have any “official” ground game – she does have a ground game and it is formidable.

Even though Palin hasn’t been to Iowa since last November, she’s had an unofficial presence in the state for months now.  Led by Peter Singleton, a California native, a group of Palin supporters have traveled all across the state meeting with county Republican officials and other GOP activists.

Singleton insists that he has no connection to Palin, but one cannot overlook what he and the others who are touting Palin across the state have done for her in Iowa.  Singleton has crisscrossed the state meeting with activists and operatives alike.  I chatted with him months ago and came away impressed.  His understanding of Iowa and the caucus process here is impressive for an outsider.

Singleton and his team of Palin organizers have personally met with most of the county GOP chairs across the state.  That is something that none of the current presidential campaigns can say that they have done.  Instead of selling Iowa activists on Palin, they instead make sure that people understand that there is a possibility that Palin will run.

The Palin organizers also soak up any Iowa political knowledge they can get.  A couple of weeks ago, I was speaking to a conservative breakfast club in western Iowa.  After conversing with those in attendance for an hour or so, I noticed that one of the women was taking extensive notes.  I was worried that I might have missed the fact that a reporter was present at the meeting.  It wasn’t a reporter.  It was a Palin organizer who I had yet to meet.

Even though Sarah Palin doesn’t play by the same rules that seem to govern the rest of the field of Republican candidates, she has developed an extensive ground game in Iowa, even if it’s not being officially coordinated by her or her advisors.  In many ways, I think that Palin is probably more organized in Iowa in terms of grassroots communication than most of the current field. (emphasis mine)

I can attest to what Craig is saying, there is rarely an event I go to where Peter Singleton and Organize 4 Palin is not.  I can’t say the same about the other campaigns.  So if she gets in she’ll be able to hit the ground running.  I’m looking forward to seeing her politic at the cook off that will be held after the movie premiere at the Pella Opera House tonight, she will definitely be in her element there.  She has the ability more than any other candidate, I believe, to enter this race late and still be competitive in Iowa.

Picture by Dave Davidson

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  1. New rules. Meet the first patriot mentioned in the next new chapter of future political science books. Maybe they’ll call the chapter, ‘Sarah Palin and the New Rules.’

    Hopefully soon will also start a new chapter in future history books as well. God willing called, ‘The Restoration of the United States of America.’ Amen

  2. I do sense a strategy. Romney announces in New Hampshire and Sarah is there. Bachmann announces in Iowa and Palin is there too. I guess a little upstaging never hurts. 🙂

    1. Actually, Romney moved up his announcement date when he knew Palin was in NH.  It kind of backfired, didn’t it?  “The Undefeated” was already meant to be released in Iowa in late June.  With so many candidates in Iowa, including Obama the next day, it’s kind of hard to find a time when she isn’t “competing” with someone.  But…
      Having gone quiet for several weeks gives the other candidates a chance to shine…or be vetted…without her taking all the oxygen from the room.  That seems fair enough.  They should take advantage of it while they can, since she says if she runs she will be in it 110%, and she’s in it to win.  We’ll hardly hear from the other candidates after that, given the media’s obsession with all things Palin.  She hardly needs an advertisement budget.

  3. Sarah Palin has been politically stoned by the Marxist/Progressives. I have never personally known such hateful people, and don’t care to. I know I will work for everything they’re against, and against everything they’re for.

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