This week’s edition of five items that I find interesting.

image1.  Cain’s Campaign woes – Craig Robinson of The Iowa Republican broke the news yesterday that Herman Cain’s Iowa director, Tina Goff, and his straw poll coordinator, Kevin Hall, have called it quits.  This comes on the heels of his campaign director in New Hampshire resigning.  Everyone is saying it is due to Cain not wanting to invest in a serious effort in the first-in-the nation caucus and primary states.

I had mentioned before that Cain is hemorrhaging grassroots support in Iowa and has recently lost the support of major Tea Party activists.  I don’t see how he could possibly finish strong at the Ames Straw Poll losing key staff like this.

2. The 2012 Money Race: Former Minneosta Governor Tim Pawlenty’s campaign has raised $4.2 Million in the second fundraising quarter.  This is under their fundraising goal of $4.5 Million.  Chris Cizilla of The Washington Post notes, “the number is somewhat disappointing for Pawlenty who had been hoping to emerge as the clear pick for people not enamored with Romney by posting a strong number in the second fundraising quarter.”

Texas Congressman Ron Paul raised $4.5 Million in the 2nd fundraising quarter.  That’s got to smart for Pawlenty.  Former Utah Governor and Ambassador Jon Huntsman raised $4.1 Million, what we don’t know is how much he self-funded.  I’ll be interested to see how much Herman Cain, Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann have raised.  Bachmann has demonstrated before that she is a fundraising machine.  Romney is certainly adept and will likely lead the field in this area.  Cain and Santorum’s numbers will demonstrate how viable their campaigns are.

Update: I missed the presser in my inbox.  Herman Cain’s campaign is reporting that they have raised more than $2.46 Million with no debt.  Not bad, but well behind the others.

3. Rick Perry’s 2012 decision is close?  According to a report from Byron York it is.  In the mean time the Americans for Rick Perry group (a draft Perry group), just hired Craig Schoenfeld who was Newt Gingrich’s Iowa Director.

Lynda Waddington at the Iowa Independent is having a tizzy over Governor Perry’s call to what she calls a “right-wing Evangelical Christian prayerfest.”  Hey I’m sure left-wing evangelicals are welcome too… probably even mainline Protestant and Catholics as well.

Wow, how controversial…. asking God for help.  I didn’t realize that Governor’s had to check their faith at the door when they enter office.  Relax Lynda, it’ll be ok.  They may even pray for you.

4.  Civil Unions are a minefield for GOP CandidatesAccording to a recent Iowa Poll.  58% saying they wouldn’t consider a candidate who believes homosexuals should be allowed to participate in civil unions.

Duh, but let’s not act like that is the only issue.  Individual mandates, raising taxes and raising the debt ceiling are as well.  How about this, let’s nominate a conservative who will satisfy all elements of the party.

5. Barking Cats… I had to include this

Weird.  See if you have a dog you have the real thing.

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