I just visited several GOP Presidential candidate websites.  All of these candidates are on my short list of possible “endorsements”  (Like anybody cares who I endorse, some might consider it the kiss of death!).

Small things can make big differences.   For example, Rick Santorum’s site has no way to contact him directly (that I could find), though there is a way to donate money.  It also does not announce his schedule of appearances (in the media or in person).   What if i wanted to interview him (I do!) or wanted to meet him (why not?)?

Neither Tim Pawlenty nor Michelle Bachmann announce which Pizza Ranches they will be at this week, though Pawlenty does have a place you can send ideas on what he should do if he is elected a president.







I’d love to hear what other non-committeds think of these or other candidate websites.


I did hear that Tim Pawlenty is going to be in Newton, Iowa next Tuesday at 4:00 PM at Uncle Nancy’s (No that is the actual name of the gender-bending Cafe on the square in Newton).


  1. Visually I preferred Pawlenty’s, but not sure about using a nick-name on a campaign website – “Meet T-Paw”?  What’s next M-Rom?  Rick-San? Newt-G? Mmm-Bach? (sounds like the lyrics to a Hansen song), The Hermanator?  I’m sure they all have ’em . . . just seems a little odd seeing it in that setting.

  2. Out of the ones you listed, T-Paw’s is the best, no doubt. Santorum’s is a Cluster FFFFFF… Bachman’s is okay… nothing special, a little busy though. 
    As some other’s have said in the comments, Ron Paul’s is very good. 

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