imageSteve Deace posted a piece written by Gregg Jackson about Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) that I thought was interesting.  None of the following will likely upset many of his diehard followers, but those who care about issues like marriage and abortion should be concerned.  Many of these positions are actually lauded by his supporters and I’m sure that this post will be labeled a hit piece.  It is not.  I agree with Congressman Paul on many of his economic positions, but frankly when it comes to social issues – Congressman Paul’s record and rhetoric has not given me much to be excited about.  I welcome response by those social conservatives and Christians in Iowa who have publicly endorsed him because I really don’t understand it.

These things are stumbling blocks for him in Iowa no matter how much his supporters will hoot and holler about it.  By the way, many of the links are videos of interviews he has done… so they are his own words and/or public record.  Again I recognize that many of his supporters simply don’t care about these things, that’s fine – many people do.

Denies that God says homosexuality is a sin.

Supports open homosexuals in the military and repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

Supports the “freedom philosophy” of legalizing cocaine, heroin, marijuana and all other hard drugs. In his words, “Government has no role or authority in regulating drugs.”

Supports legalization of pornography and prostitution.

Supports right of homosexuals to marry one another (i.e. “gay marriage) He says, “Gay couples can do whatever they want.”

Is “pro-choice for states” on abortion. Individual states should be able to legalize abortion if they so choose. All pre-born babies don’t possess a God-given right to their own lives which no individual state may ever violate.

Supported abortion legislation regulations which have resulted in 7.4 million chemical and surgical abortions since taking office in 1997 in Congress.

Doesn’t believe it’s government’s role to “legislate morality” even though all laws are based on morality.

Congressman Paul has said that the spending our government does is immoral (I agree), but then brushes these other issues off doesn’t make sense to me.  Thus is the difference between someone who holds a secular libertarian worldview (which Congressman Paul does) contrasted with those who hold to a Christian libertarian (“you can’t have liberty without law” – meaning God’s law) or full-spectrum conservative point of view.

So this begs the question – why are some social conservatives in Iowa endorsing Ron Paul?

Photo by Dave Davidson

A note about comments on this post – I welcome rebuttal, but I won’t allow personal attacks.  Have something of substance to comment about or don’t comment at all.  Make a reasonable argument or don’t bother because your comment will be deleted.

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