I am about as certain as I can possibly be with the ever unpredictable former Governor of Alaska.  In anticipation of Sarah Palin coming to Iowa to speak at the Tea Party of America Rally (“Restoring America” on Saturday, September 3rd); SarahPAC released a new video called “Iowa Passion.”  You can watch below:


This just has the feel of a campaign commercial.  With its release on heels of a spontaneous trip out to the Iowa State Fair right before the Ames Straw Poll, and with upcoming trip back to Iowa you can’t help but believe an announcement is forthcoming.  Besides, Dick Morris thinks she’s going to run, who am I to argue with him?  Well, ok I don’t really have a problem disagreeing with him, but I think he’s right on this.

Speaking of the rally on September 3rd, the venue has changed.  It will no longer be held in Waukee, instead it is going to be held at the National Balloon Classic Field (15335 Jewell Street in Indianola, IA).  Times will remain the same at 11:00a to 2:00p.  You can come as early as 8:00a for a good spot.  It’s a free event, and you can reserve a ticket here.

Update: Some info from  Fox News that I found rather interesting…

Charlie Gruschow, co-founder of event host Tea Party of America, told FoxNews.com he doesn’t know what Palin will do at the rally, but that "all we’re being told is that she’s going to make a major announcement."

Tea Party of America has already started running radio ads in Iowa promoting the event. And the group’s website has a poll asking readers not if but "when" Palin will announce her candidacy.

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