imageI was alerted about a situation in South Carolina where the state educational bureaucracy have ignored parents and have put two different children’s wellbeing at risk.  At the crux of the matter is standardized testing.  Evidently children must be tested in South Carolina no matter what parents or even the medical community has to say.  Grumpy Educators reports:

Gretchen Herrera’s son has a complicated medical condition, which is exacerbated by testing regimes. His medical team recommended he not be tested as it puts his health at risk. The request was denied, Mrs. Herrera allowed testing, and after the first day of testing, his health was negatively impacted. If a parent had neglected the health and well-being of their child, they’d find themselves in court with the government stepping in to protect the child. In this case, the government is endangering the child and ignoring the parent….

…Sharon Johnson’s son has a complicated medical condition, and was treated in "an outpatient day treatment to stabilize children with severe emotional and/or behavioral problems. Among other criteria, admitted children must have demonstrated behavior serious enough to jeopardize the safety of others." Upon completion of treatment, he enrolled in public school and slated for standardized testing. In spite of a written medical recommendation that "he was mentally unable to be tested", South Carolina insists if a child can attend school, the child can be tested.

I find it amazing that educrats in South Carolina think they know better than the parents and medical professionals what is in the best interest of these children.  Parents, and parents alone, should be able to make these decisions for their children.  I doubt that South Carolina is the only place where parental rights are being trampled on.  If you know of other instances in your state, please share here.

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