imageCongressman Steve King (R-IA), one of the panelists who will question GOP presidential candidates at the Palmetto Freedom Forum, responded to news that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney will skip out on the event in Charleston, SC on Labor Day.

“Romney decided to skip the Iowa Straw Poll, and now Romney has elected not to engage in what is so far the most important debate in September,”  King told  "I don’t know how he can win the nomination without a win in Iowa or South Carolina.  I wish he would compete in both states.”

Romney has yet to campaign in South Carolina since declaring his candidacy in June.  He’s only visited Iowa twice since announcing for a total of two abbreviated public appearances and the Fox News/Republican Party of Iowa debate.

Photo by Dave Davidson

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  1. One can’t help but wonder if Romney is trying to prove that Iowa and SC are not relevent.  I think he’s going to find out he’s wrong.

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