I wanted to introduce you to the third addition to the Caffeinated Communications Network – Caffeinated Clips will be joining Caffeinated Thoughts and Caffeinated Theology.  Caffeinated Clips provides “high octane news and commentary” mainly geared toward conservative Christian readers.


Caffeinated Clips seeks to be a premiere aggregation site that provides access to top news and analysis sources, as well as, highlights top stories of the day.  Feel free to explore the different pages where you will find links to top Christian and Conservative commentary websites and blogs, newspapers, news sites, news wires, and a one stop resource for news surround the 2012 Presidential campaign.

I hope you enjoy, please bookmark and check back often!

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“Incompatible with life” is Medically Inaccurate

Medical practitioners call for an end to use of the term “incompatible with life” to describe unborn children who may have a life-limiting condition.

Baton Rouge, Dallas and a Divided Nation

Shawn Mathis: It is naïve to think that laws and political parties and sound-bite arguments can keep a divided culture together.

Senator Chuck Grassley Cosponsors Life at Conception Act

The FAMiLY Leader commends Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) for cosponsoring S.583, the Life at Conception Act sponsored by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).

John Piper: Christian, You Are Free Not To Vote

John Piper: The right to vote in America is not a binding duty (without regard to other factors) for Christians in every election.